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Edge Banders Machines

Edge banding machines are designed to process (wrapping), straight and curved edges of furniture panels and semi-natural or synthetic band-roll materials. Lining material attached to a free slice preparation or shield which transmits either manual or automatic means. The choice of edge banding machine – it is extremely responsible, because as a furniture-quality edges are great importance. How firmly and evenly they will be glued to the cut, will not go there after processing chips and traces of glue – all this kind of performance integrity of the manufacturer. Therefore, the choice of edge banding machine must take into account the form of pasted surfaces, the thickness of the edges are affixed to the edges, the type and number of transactions.

One of the popular kinds of edge banding machines – one-sided edge banding machines for flexible manufacturing, where it is necessary to combine a fast and frequent changes of sizes of workpieces with high performance. This equipment is suitable for small furniture factories to mass production, as well as for furniture studio, producing products for individual orders. A distinctive feature of modern models of edge banding machines is a high degree of automation. Thus, they automatically moves the guide lines and the upper clamp, extension units in the operating position, the change in the direction of rotation glue spreading roller. When changing the edging material (Eg, thinner), it suffices to replace only the material – the rest is done automatically.

Also, automated self-diagnostic system machines. If an error occurs in machine operation can be stopped by pneumatic cylinders, equipped with sensors controlling the position of pistons. This avoids damage to the machine or marriage in the treatment of edges. The reason for failure is displayed in a message on the control panel edge banding machine. In addition, the control system locks the machine its running time and number of machined parts – and can be integrated into a computer network company.

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