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Anyway, learn HTML may produce long-term benefits once you’ve gone through the experience of learning. Ali Partovi wanted to know more. Construction this time is a point diffuse, given that many people think that the method they use is better and faster. The truth is that this time depends very much on the level of expertise of the designer, but even though the difference may be negligible, is more likely that a web page can be completed faster with a WYSIWYG editor. Knowledge even if the knowledge can be acquired anywhere (if you know as), in this case HTML offers more possibilities of expanding your mind and raise your IQ. It is a good point if it is that you are trying to learn beyond of it. Write HTML will give you practice while who, being a simple language, will introduce to the world of programming (also part of the design and web development). Portability while HTML can be written in any text editor, even on the most basic, you can not build a web site in a WYSIWYG editor if you don’t have the editor.

This can become a problem of portability for those who do not know HTML since they require that the editor is installed on the computer that want to use to construct, modify, or update a web page (no matter how large or small the update either). Correctness of the code when using a WYSIWYG editor, page is built by the user in a visual way that is translated into HTML code by the motor of the editor. It is is directly responsible for writing the HTML editor, even when the directives are given by the designer. This often makes the pages code incorrect, poorly formed or not standard, and often additional tags (undesirable) goal. When using HTML, the only responsible person who decides what code is going and what code is not, the designer.

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