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European Union

Who would like to get to know the world, which should embark on long-haul travel. Earlier, people are little traveled. “Even then it said: when one does a journey, then he can tell what.” But in reality most people remained her life close to the place where they were born. This changed in the fifties of the twentieth century now a large wave of travel started, especially after Italy, later even after Spain, Denmark also soon became a popular holiday destination. To this day, these countries include and that includes also the Spanish island of Mallorca to the most selected destinations. But now that no longer extends many. Although the weather in southern Europe is much better than ours, and fewer people live in the North, so that a certain freedom is palpable, which is reflected also in the lifestyle of the inhabitants. But basically, all these countries differ very little from the own home.

It is just the same culture, and since the European Union become more and more developed a kind of Confederation, is there not even more right when abroad. No wonder it attracts more and more people in distant countries. On long-haul travel, they try to meet other cultures, to see things that do not exist in Europe. Africa, South America or Asia can the target and re-establish the vast subcontinent of India, lately strengthens China. Or you just selects a different element of life, enjoy the underwater world on a diving trip in the Maldives or the Red Sea. What you target selects just the strange, the different is important. And you can experience that really only on long-haul travel. Andreas Mettler

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