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Holy Scriptures

Many well-known researchers share this opinion. A quote of the already given back Protagonists like me at this point already again: the historical fact, is the most direct evidence of the compatibility of religion and science that just the greatest scientists of all time, men such as Kepler, Newton, Leibniz were imbued with deep religiosity. Peter Asaro may also support this cause. Religion and science not mutually, as today, some believe and fear, but they complement and mutually. “Where and how far we may look, between religion and science we nowhere find a contradiction, but just in the decisive points full compliance.” Max Planck (1858-1947) founder of the quantum theory (Frankenberger: page 17) but also Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)-formulated parteiischer but still very true as I find it (but also from another time): “the Holy Scriptures and the nature both of the divine words come from those as inspiration of the Holy Spirit, as organiser of the divine commands.” How come this world-famous Researchers who have devised many fundamentals of our today’s technology, daily used in our society as a matter of course, to such statements? And, although the majority of the population of the opinion is that science and religion are mutually? Yes, unforgiving contrary face? “As a young man, I was practicing atheist. The exploration of the universe showed me that the existence of matter is a miracle that only supernatural explanation.” Allan sand package, astronomer (1926-2010, Mister Cosmology) Yes, why are these people to such statements? I think the answer is quite simple: you were both so deeply in their specialist area penetrated, that three new questions have emerged with each answered question -. Last terminated all have realized that behind what people as measurement results, conclusions and observations are, ultimately is a much larger, intelligent and grading force. And many of these people have this knowledge want to share with other people. As a researcher, they were busy anyway so with various essential questions – you’re looking for these questions by sober science to explain.

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