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It Grows 13% Interest In Competition In Almeria Tions

According to Master-D group leader training venture in Spain, Almeria over 5,200 have been interested in the courses of preparation for competitions in Spain in the last year. Other 7650 have been interested in the rest of the group offers courses in Almeria. a Of these, 56% are women compared to 44% of men and of the total, 26% have college aged between 18 and 35 mostly. a “We believe this increase is due mainly to the economic times being experienced by the country as people seek more than ever, job security and working comfort,” said Erika Soro, head of the teaching staff at the company in Almeria. “In fact, 90 percent of people who are preparing us in Almeria competitions or are interested in taking courses, has labor difficulties.” a The most commonly requested preparations in 2008 and whose demand is expected to continue growing this year courses are those bodies and state security forces: Fire and police (15% of demand), renewables (10%), Administrative Assistant (8.5%) and driving instructor and technical education (4% .) oppositions in Almeria have experienced in the last year demand increased 13% a About a Master-D Master-D, a leader in distance learning, has more than 50 centers throughout Spain and Portugal, a commercial network of 400 people and over 350 teaching assistants, of which 80% have advanced degrees and 20% are graduates and technicians. a Master-D was the first national company with a quality system under ISO 9001 standards for the design of distance education courses and training service that is given to students. a The company has a unique method of preparation: P8.10 System, which combines distance learning, through a specialist teacher, and classroom instruction, led by a trainer-coach.

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