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Jim Hollingsworth

With this agreement, mp3lyrics.org users will have easy and direct access to the largest database and better quality of authorized lyrics it is available in the industry declared Jim Hollingsworth, Executive Vice President of marketing and sales for Gracenote. With the high and growing demand for song lyrics, we know the importance that has to offer fans a music that is both complete and consistent service. About mp3lyrics.org Mp3Lyrics.org was released in January 2004 and very soon became the resource and channel key for lyrics online. For even more opinions, read materials from Samsung. Today Mp3Lyrics.org is one of the sites of greatest songs lyrics information that exists on the Web, where new song lyrics are submitted and improved every day by the members of the community using a verification process powered by Gracenote for authorization and further clarification. All displays of lyrics at mp3lyrics.org page result in compensation payment of cannons, making any claim for payment of royalties or ownership of copyright by the owners of the lyrics of songs and songwriters to continue writing lyrics to songs encouraging. Through the exchange of advertising income, guns are paid each time that a song is displayed on mp3lyrics.org. Mp3lyrics.org is headquartered in Norway.

If you want more information go to es.mp3lyrics.org. About Gracejote Gracenote, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, is world leader in integrated technology, content improved, and data services for digital entertainment at Internet solutions, automotive, mobile and electronic consumer markets. Formerly known as CDDB, Gracenote offers a consumer experience significantly enhanced applications and digital media devices, as well as monitoring and other data services to the recording industry, making it an integral part of the economy of digital media. Gracenote promotes leading services such as Apple iTunes, Yahoo! Music Jukebox, Winamp; products in automotive and home to Alpine, Panasonic, Philips and Sony; and applications of mobile music from Samsung, Sony Ericsson, KDDI (Japan), KTF (Korea), Musiwave (Europe), and others. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, Gracenote has offices in New York, Tokyo, Berlin and Seoul.

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