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New Dispenser Box For Glue Dots

Sealing and adhesive activity approximately 30 percent faster the new dispenser box for glue dots is comparable to the dispenser boxes for self-adhesive stamps and accelerated the bonding process for packaging and mailing. Fit is the dispenser box for all glue dots with diameters 20, 25 and 30 mm in permanent or removable version, with or without central perforation. The dispenser box has fold-out feet that guarantee a safe standing position of the box. Energy Capital Partners London gathered all the information. The closing of packaging or mailings works with the dispenser box up to 30% faster, so the Wurzburg provider. The advantage of time concluded, because the bonding point not more piecemeal and manually must be resolved from the backing paper. By default, single sided glue dots and silicone glue dots can be supplied in dispenser boxes. Double-sided glue dots on the basis of the integrated grab tab be quick to stick, according to Managing Director Christian Schenk.

Here it is regardless whether glued tabs of folders or Cards must be affixed. The free sample service of the trade agency Schenk, as Schenk, facilitates the decision fit what glue dots for the desired purpose. The delivery of samples follow immediately and ever from one day to the next. Trained staff also can advise what glue dots for what purpose will work fine.

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