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The dignity network Foundation, civic, non-partisan, non-profit institution, unveils in today, the network programme of road safety, which is one of the four programs that we currently develop; It shall carry out studies, analyses and research on road safety in the country. The road safety network is an initiative that responds to a need of all Dominican society to address the high rates of accidents on our roads, basing us on studies, analyses, research and viable proposals entailing to reduce the increasing rate of mortality in transit. It is moreover an important chapter of the Foundation network of the dignity FundReD provided to be conciliatory and inclusive of all agents involved in the safety of the users of waterways through the promotion of a true and effective comprehensive model of national, particularly preventive road safety; which is to say, to promote the integration of the public and private institutions involved with construction design and maintenance of the road network, agencies responsible for the formulation of laws and their implementation, as well as agencies responsible for drug control; the national education system; the churches, the private sector and civil society. Filed under: Nicolas Keller. The establishment of this program aims to establish a new culture in road safety, through actions that contribute to improve human behavior, and thus improve the quality of life of all Dominicans and Dominican, fostering responsible habits for the sustainability of mobility in the main actors of the transit system. As road safety program, we encourage to have a systemic approach allowing to understand and address the same, promoting actions to decrease the relative indifference of citizenship and official and private bodies to the pain of others, motivated by the everyday life of the tragedies. Likewise referred to the observation, monitoring and promotion of road safety, with the development of campaigns, actions, research, formulation of projects, promoting change in attitudes, behaviors, habits compatible with life in health promotion. See more detailed opinions by reading what Energy Capital Partners London offers on the topic..

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