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Pushed By The GDR In The Offside

The football coach Jorg Berger could make a career in the GDR and do not forgive. The news portal news.de approaching in his dossier reunited”the fates of the German Division. Outstanding events but also small stories in the historical context classified from very different and unusual perspectives. The former football coach and current pundit of the television station Premiere was in the GDR, successful, respected and even privileged as the Stasi wanted to take influence on his personal life, he needs with the system and fled to the West. He left behind his son. You may want to visit Ian Cole to increase your knowledge. For 10 years he could not see his son until shortly before the turn, a reunion was held in Prague. Berger dated his rupture with the German Democratic Republic in the year 1976. The Stasi called by him to remarry so that he could take part in international matches in the Western countries.

To be able to decide one’s life, not about that was enough about Yugoslavia and Austria for Berger Grund in the Federal Republic of Germany to flee. Reunited in the news.de dossier “Jorg Berger explains that he had no calm before the Stasi even after his escape to the West. Even today, twenty years after the fall of the wall, it is frightening, for the active today as a TV moderator Berger how quickly the employee of the Stasi were able to convert. He is shocked, how quickly former official and unofficial informers could replace themselves in position. For Berger, the refurbishment of the East German past has remained far too superficial not only in football. successful German-language media portals such as, the non-sector-consumer information from the travel sector for and the finance and insurance sector for and supply../ich-konnte-mich-nicht-frei-fuehlen.html which operates University Service GmbH and marketed.

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