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See Paris In A Weekend

Who not has heard of the city of lights? Paris is also much more than the capital of France, is the capital of love and romance. For this reason, up to 25 million tourists visit annually. Nearly 400 parks, 150 museums and up to 70 markets make the visitor have difficult what to choose among such offer. Where to go in a large metropolis like this if you only have a weekend? Everything must then see what Paris. Do not miss it! To begin with, a visit to the Cathedral of Notre Dame will delight young and old. This emblematic Church is one of the most important monuments of Paris.

Who does not know the famous story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame? The Cathedral has served to backdrop of hundreds of films and books. It rises to the highest tower to enjoy a fantastic view of the city and includes gargoyles well closely. It’s a lovely visit! A visit to Paris without having set foot in the Louvre Museum is a sacrilege. It is so huge that it is impossible to see everything in one day, so if you are not passionate about art, don’t miss the weekend between all its rooms. Choose your favorite works and check them out. Of course, don’t miss the Mona Lisa, the goddess of the Museum. After soaking you art, running at Les Puces market. It’s a lovely market that still keeps the magic of sites that have not been discovered by mass tourism.

There you can buy almost everything from books and furniture, until all sorts of gadget. Without a doubt, a visit is worthwhile! The Luxembourg Gardens are one of the many wonders of Paris. Flowers, fruit trees and fountains will make you feel like in paradise. Make sure you don’t miss out on the awesome font Medici. You can then give you a walk to Montmartre, the famous bohemian neighborhood of artists and of Amelie Poulain. A walk through its narrow streets and a visit to the sacred heart are mandatory. To enjoy the most authentic Parisian night, stop by the famous Moulin Rouge. There you can enjoy the best French cancan from the hand of the Doriss Girls. If you fancy something more sedate, the Duc des Lobards is your site. You are there plays live jazz and great international artists as Freddy Cole or Olivier Ker Ourio pass by your scenario. And of course, save you some time to visit the Iron Lady: the Eiffel Tower is waiting for you with the best views of the entire city. For more sophisticated dinner, rises up to the second floor thereof, where the restaurant Le Jules Verne, is one of the best of all Paris. If you follow these tips you will enjoy at the top of the best of Paris, of its purest essence. Now you only have to think about what is the most appropriate accommodation for this trip: no doubt, Paris apartments is what you need. Comfort, good price, all kinds of comforts. Enjoy it!

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