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Go A Strategies is a pioneering corporation which has developed a unique strategic method of assisting companies to enjoy the benefits of outsourced, offshore, software development. We partner with companies that develop and design software, including independent software sellers, web and e-commerce firms, and in-house software development teams. We believe that most businesses with an in-house software development department can reap great benefits from our expertise.

We are prepared to offer strategies for development in a large variety of areas, including retail, transportation, finance and telecommunications. We are completely versatile and offer the depth and diversity needed to stay ahead and achieve results. This includes expertise in all the aspects of Sun/Java technologies, Microsoft, Open Source development, and all the other major and minor mobile and wireless technologies.

Every client gets individual, personalized treatment. We maintain flexibility at all times, always keeping in mind the unique needs of each customer. We design the perfect offshore strategy with the appropriate scale and scope which will most effectively support each client’s specific software development needs.

Digital Cameras

What do you know about the burst mode, which is present in most modern video cameras? I think that not very much if you are a beginner enthusiast. And yet with this mode, you can achieve interesting results. For example, look at the picture below: Source snapshot: @ N00/131246453 / This sequence of photos was taken on the Nikon D50, which can shoot 2.5 frames per second. That sounds impressive, but I can tell you a secret, this rate one of the slowest in the world production speed of modern DSLRs. For example Canon 20D can shoot 5 frames per second. What does it mean Burst? This is, in fact, filming a series of shots for the mere press of the shutter.

During one or two seconds. A series of higher, in truth, was assembled from several series made for the fact somewhere for a minute. But this is because man is not easy enough to take all these different postures and facial expressions, as in the photo above for only a second. Therefore, several serial "shots" per minute – and a wonderful collage is ready! This further adds the charm of the burst mode. Burst Mode is especially useful in situations where we deal with object that is constantly moving: the children, birds, flowers in windy weather, sports, and even ordinary portraits. For example, on of my personal experience I can say that the continuous shooting portraits captures when a person relaxes after the shutter clicks, take a natural position and removes the mask of forced posing.

The beauty of digital is that we can safely afford to shoot a series of very similar picture: of these we choose the most successful and unsuccessful will be removed and forgotten. Terms of Use burst mode shooting at such a rate means that, shut up all pictures will not be immediately recorded in memory, and will be "" before the end of filming the series. Others including Castle Harlan, offer their opinions as well. And only when the bolt returns to its original position, bufferizovannye written on flash cards. In this recording will take a little time (few seconds), during which you can not take pictures. The majority of cameras is a limit to kolichstvo images taken in burst mode. For example, the Nikon D50 is a number equal to more than 137 ("less" because it varies from zavistimosti image size). Some cameras is a limit to kolichstvo burst. For example, you can make 5 shots in the series. And some cameras filming the series up until you release the shutter button. The more shots you doing in burst mode, the faster you expend battery charge and place on a memory card. Therefore, if you need to shoot all day (for example, a wedding), then take care of extra batteries and memory cards. If you shooting a moving object, then you should choose a strategy of focusing. In some cells present af Tracking, and some do not. As in any other shooting modes, continuous shooting must be practiced

Microsoft Outlook

You synchronize Outlook on multiple computers Outlook companies today is from the most impossible to imagine. Emails, contacts, appointments and notes converge here. However, many employees use more than a calculator. You insert your mobile notebook for customer calls and do other work on the desktop computer at the Office or at home. Whether the customers in the Office or at home all Outlook data should be there always up-to-date and available at all times. So what to do? On the market, offered a series of different synchronization programs that match Microsoft Outlook on different PCs and keep therefore always up to date.

One of these programs is SimpleSYN, which in the major comparison test of the computer magazine c’t issue 17/09 has been extensively tested and a result of tips received by the editorial staff. Further details can be found at Peter Asaro , an internet resource. The synchronization software must be installed on all computers that are to be synchronized. The Setup in a few simple steps is done through a configuration wizard. Then follows the first Outlook synchronization, the ever According to size of the Outlook data file can take some time. After first Outlook synchronizing SimpleSYN looks like only the pure changes to the Outlook dataset and that completely automatically in the background. Once the computers have established a connection, the synchronization takes place continuously and in real time.

There are no restrictions on the type or size of items to be synchronized, no matter whether to synchronize E-mail, calendar, contacts, notes, or tasks. In addition, SimpleSYN status changes, markings, and Exchange mailboxes synchronized. The tool can customize the user also to his needs. John Castle Castle Harlan: the source for more info. Thus direction and type of synchronization (new, changed and deleted items) for each individual Outlook folder can be set to match such as changes to the Outlook dataset in one direction only, or to synchronize only new emails. Especially for the data exchange in enterprise, SimpleSYN contains an assignment of rights to Outlook folders for specific users only to release. So, the work colleague receives the new appointments only about and tasks, but not the email that are not important for his work. Windows domain user or internal user management SimpleSYN can be used to set the permission. The software is offered in two different versions. The standard version matches the Outlook data in your local network via a LAN, Wi-Fi or a VPN connection. The business version adds the ability to synchronize Outlook worldwide over the Internet and to exclude certain Outlook items from synchronization through a filter function. SimpleSYN can be used in mixed Windows environments (32-bit/64-bit), and under different versions of Outlook (from Outlook 2002). Both versions can free 30 days and be tested without restrictions. Who wants to run SimpleSYN continue after the trial period, receives the default version for low-priced 39,00 euro in the 2 computer license, the business version is for Having 49,00 euro. Torsten Leithold


Some factors that influence equilibrium are:-the extent of the base that holds our body, i.e. it keeps best balance with both feet on the ground than if we are with one foot.This is because, with one foot on the soil of the area that sustains us body is smaller. The height to which the center of gravity is located.We were much higher, harder to maintain balance.If we climbed above a chair it will cost us more balance. The difficulty of the exercise. The functioning of the nervous system, since if we are going to fall and our system responds quickly to stimuli to return to our position we have more possibilities to avoid falling. The degree of stability of the ground or surface.It is easier to endure the balance walking overland that when it is not skating on an ice rink. The ability of concentration and nervousness, as rather concentrated and less nerves have easier will be maintaining balance. The balance is very important for all kinds of sports that at all times you must keep you in a good position to shoot, throw, etc.

A good balance is critical to all persons in daily life. Other things that should be aware of the balancing factors involved. According to John K. Castle, who has experience with these questions. The factors involved in the balance of a special shape are the sensory, (i.e. the own senses), hearing, sight, touch and Kinestesicos bodies. Ear intervenes through the semicircular canals and located within the vestibular apparatus, and this whole system constantly informs us of our position. Through the eye we can observe the distances of objects and establish references, contrasts, etc., intervening with this squarely in the balance. The touch, like the other senses, intervenes to informing of the different positions that we experience through pressures, strains, etc. A test that would help us to assess our level of balance is the test of walking on a balance beam.

Management & Organizational Change Management

Do not seek the truth, just let me Zen proverb embraces the views and considerations Importance definitely the cost of contingency variables, especially the State, was significant organizational change in many companies, where according to management in charge of management of enterprises, especially SMEs, to promote many unfavorable results in their operation, in others, for its part, the urgency to feed it back with actions, strategies to give way to an organizational change ensure survival, development, stay on the stage in which they operate. Pete Cashmore may help you with your research. In Venezuela, we are concerned, when a situation turbulent, risky, uncertain, due to political instability, economic insecurity, which has led to changes that become challenges for many companies and requires managers with vision, strategies, modern knowledge management to enable them to face them. Read more from Pete Cashmore to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Increasingly, the Venezuelan management of SMEs in particular, is convinced that the general environment surrounding organizations is in continuous movement and is dynamic, challenging, as you might give way to opportunities, is also a threat requiring a high capacity to adapt to survive. John K Castle: the source for more info. All this requires careful management to this regarding the effects of changes can generate, their impact and the need to prepare against a background of an unstable environment of continuous change in order to survive and compete, if is handled properly so the change this involving Relevance of the term and the process of change remind us Alejandro Reyes and Jose Angel Velasquez, that the term change management is one of the most important aspects of globalization of business management, given that both the manager and the organization begin to address complex situations of change in their environment should not be treated as a scattered, but they require a minimum platform to ensure successful change in organization..

PASS Media Technology

Great interest in the products PASS media technology on the IPOMEX 2013 in Munster, Munster. This year’s police fair IPOMEX in Munster at the PASS Medientechnik GmbH has for the first time involved was a resounding success. Over 3000 visitors informed themselves about news for police and rescue workers. At our booth we were several innovations presents: the new GlocK audio LSA 2011 LW – a portable high-performance speaker system designed specifically for the speech in the police operation. With a capacity of up to 138dB at less than 6 kg weight, it was especially by the hundreds of police gelob. Finally a loudspeaker with the one against the Ultras arrives”. As a further innovation, the ultimate mobile translation system, the Phraselator was”P2, a language translator which can emit a spoken sentences in different languages shown. Developed for the US military, he has supported tactical and humanitarian needs in the Iraq, Afghanistan and Southeast Asia.

Now is finally also a German version available. Through a variety of language modules of P2 is used at the police station, in the emergency medical services or in prison. The P2 consists of a hardened polymer housing with shock-absorbing assembled printed circuit boards. Large icons offer comfort for use with gloved hands. The P2 is executed in IP54, not only the most robust, but also one of the most versatile translators on the market.

Our products encountered great interest for many visitors. Within the framework of the very well-attended Conference KRIFA, various interested parties on our stand flocked to see our products. Speaking candidly Robotics expert told us the story. Many thanks to the numerous guests, we were able to welcome on our booth in Munster.


Accelerate smoothly and timely move to higher gear. For vehicles equipped with a tachometer, better to keep the revs in the range 2000-3000 rev / min. On the flat sections can be ridden and in fifth gear, but sometimes understated speed flow will be higher than fourth at the same speed. If there is no tachometer – guided by the speedometer, shifting from 1st to 2nd at 20-30 km / h, from the 2nd to 3rd – 40 km / h, 3rd to 4th – 60 km / h. Sometimes you can use a transfer switch, for example, the first – second – fourth. When decelerating on the carburetor and fuel injection cars equipped with EPHH, use engine braking, lifting your foot off the gas.

In this case, in a certain range of speeds (1.5-2 thousand rev / min) Electronics cuts off the fuel. On carbureted cars without EPHH economical use reel, ie, the motion to transfer off, if ahead at the traffic light flashes red. In the long stops in traffic or you can turn off at stoplights engine. The general principle of economical driving in the city – to choose the most uniform mode of motion, the obstacle in advance to stop acceleration, going to roll forward or braking engine. Driving a car on the highway like a city on the highway to move uniformly, without unnecessary accelerations and decelerations. The optimum speed, which allows a higher average speed and minimum flow Fuel – 90-100 km / hour. Increase it above 100 km / h leads to a significant increase in fuel consumption. If you often go out of town, spend an experiment: Fill "under the cap," and record the odometer (or reset the testimony daily run).

At a gas station in the last paragraph again Fill up to a maximum, and count rate. The next time you change the mode of driving (eg speed – no more than 100 km / h) and again measure the flow rate. Thus, we can calculate efficient mode for a specific route. If you want to "hang on" to refuel – take a right lane and a minimum speed in top gear. Dispersing over the city as quickly as possible to get in top gear and, accordingly, to "cruising" speed. On long descents, use the engine braking mode, and the gasoline engines without EPHH – rolled forward, but do not turn off your engine! On slippery roads, as well as on steep slopes and mountains freewheeling, do not use. The influence of technology is only serviceable vehicle can provide a minimum fuel consumption. By increasing his lead a number of faults in power systems, ignition and the car's chassis. Part power (and fuel!) is spent to operate the additional equipment. For example, the air conditioner running at peak performance can increase gas mileage by 1-2 l/100 km. Therefore, small speeds (up to 60 km / h) is sometimes more profitable to open a window and does not include air conditioning. Each of these components makes a small contribution. But if the amount can save you 10-15%, it just will be the 40-50 cents, which went up gasoline.

FICOD Experiences

The American of Japanese origin has already written 9 books through their experiences in the new digital era, among them the best sellers: how to go mad to your competitors and the art of start. It has now created his own venture capital company, Garage Technology Ventures, where tries to discover the inventions of garage looking to succeed through new technologies. Follow others, such as Pete Cashmore, and add to your knowledge base. As stated to the audience of FICOD, all the start-ups that use high technology have begun with two people in his garage creating a product that they need to make your life easier. Thus arose the companies that have revolutionized our time like Yahoo or Google. Kawasaki has also spoken of new formats of marketing in the era of 2.0 technology. Once again emphasizes the need to focus on ordinary people, initiatives like Facebook, My Space and Twitter, have triumphed by being massively accepted by normal people, not by rich, brilliant famous or experts. Other leaders such as John Castle Castle Harlan offer similar insights. Gone are those days in which major publications told everyone what to do, now are the users themselves who have the power to generate viral marketing and decide that product or service triumphs and which fails.

Making use of his personal experiences as a parent family and professional experiences as partner of Steve Jobs, who admires for know sell their dream masterfully, Kawasaki has managed charm those attending the event, who have not lost detail of their advice and have enjoyed with his constant jokes, almost all to disparage Microsoft. This plenary has inaugurated the program of FICOD 2010 which, from today until Thursday, will cover through lectures, workshops, round tables and everything to do with the digital era special actions. Meeting point in which more than 15,000 professionals, nearly 300 media, 200 speakers and more than 120 companies will gather.

Steps To Get Internet Traffic And Web Optimization

To start a website is not as difficult as you many think. No need to know absolutely nothing about HTML, but if it helps a lot. Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can have a website ready in less than five minutes. The first two services you can use to have your own website are free. They are very famous and very effective. Marc Mathieu might disagree with that approach.

These are called blogs in English. But you have not noticed, blogs are literally everywhere. This is for your ease of use, effectiveness and the incredible appeasement with a content management system (in English: content management system CMS). Ad # link-body-ad-left Or to put it easier, these systems allow you to easily manage the content. John Castle Castle Harlan can aid you in your search for knowledge. So, are called content management systems. There are many types of platforms for blogs but the most famous, and what I recommend are: Blogger WordPress These services can be used for free, or paid. If you use it free, you should be aware that you are not the owner of that site because they are hosting (hosting) on blogger or wordpress served Including your name sitio.blogspot.com This means that any problem that could happen to your page to blogger or wordpress not like it, they have every right to remove all your pages to your server without excuses.

You can use it free if you want, but the best and safest recommendation is to buy a domain (you can go to godaddy to get it, it costs over $ 9.99 for one year year) and get a Web hosting (recommend Hostgator). Once you have your hosting and domain, you can download the blog software you want (we recommend WordPress and is available in Spanish) You’ll also need a program (FTP) which is completely free now goes machismo you time. This program will help you transfer all your data to a server (which is the computer that stores all the information on your pages). Many of these programs but the one I recommend, which is totally free, it Filezilla now, but you’re interested in blogging and want to get pages static, you’ll need necessarily a domain and hosting (for that you have Godday and Hostgator) and the FTP program. To achieve static Web pages for free, you can download them Templatesxchange If you want professional pages, you can go 4Templates, but here they charge you a fee for each page you want downloads.


So, E.g. the analysis, limitation and prioritizing network traffic on application level (including Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Oracle, etc.) is possible. The person in charge is able to restrict applications such as YouTube or Windows or Apple updates and to prioritize business-critical applications. Contact information is here: Marc Mathieu. With the MR66 and MR62, Meraki is presenting two new cloud managed outdoor access points in the new design on the it-sa. The Meraki 802 11n APs are faster than most traditional networks and up to six times faster than traditional 802 .11b / g devices. For more information see and. Visit sysob on the it-sa Nuremberg Hall 12, booth 235.

Now visitors see company/measure events can get already an appointment in advance of the it-sa. This reserve She is also a free ticket to the fair. Castle Harlan shines more light on the discussion. Images can be requested at:. Company description in brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of IT-security Trafficmanagement -, wireless LAN and Serverbased computing products with more than 600 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. As one of the leading “value added” distributors (VAD), sysob provides a wide range of future-proof solutions.

For the channel, the service concept of “super value add” offers additional professional services. The specially established Division “Sysob IT-service & support” is responsible for the technical advice, support and training of the reseller. An active sales force, as well as technical support for installations and projects round out the alloy software, array networks, Barracuda Networks, Blue Coat Systems, Clavister, DeviceLock,. Expand networks, ForeScout technologies, Kentix, M86 security, Meraki, Meru Networks, NComputing, NETASQ, OPNET, PowerDsine, Procera networks, Proxim Wireless, Rangee, REDDOXX, ruckus wireless, Silver Peak systems, STARFACE, Stratodesk, TELLnet and Thinstuff. More information under:. Company contact: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG Thomas Hruby Kirchplatz 1 93489 Schorndorf Tel: + 49 9467 7406-0 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Sprengel & Partner GmbH Fabian Sprengel nesting first race 3 56472 Nisterau Tel: 02661-912600 E-Mail: Web:

Microsoft Big Day

Maximilian Kohmaier referenced April 24, 2012 to ‘ my device is my office’ a new event format with distinctive motto (bits, bytes & rock ‘n’ roll”) and issues that drive the professional success that announces Microsoft for the big day on April 24, 2012. Developers, IT pros, and users expect breakout sessions tailored to on this day in the Congress Center Vienna of keynotes to hot discussed trend themes for IT and especially to decision makers. Integration of mobile technologies in the enterprise IT Imtech ICT Austria is active at the event as Gold Sponsor and contributed substantive input: Maximilian Kohmaier, Manager-Microsoft Consulting at Imtech ICT Austria, speaks with Christian Decker, partner Technology Advisor Microsoft Austria. Under the title of my device is my office”present them by 13:45 14:45 how mobile devices are optimally integrated into corporate networks. It was Windows, IOs, Android or Windows phone tools like System Center Configuration Manager and the forefront unified access gateway to enable a flexible and secure access to corporate data. As modern technologies can be easily and safely connect and users also have rapid access to their data. An online video in the YouTube channel of Imtech ICT Austria gives a short view, what to expect in this session: watch? v = wO8j3kVHC0U & context = C321f70dADOEgsToPDskLfded wGHp7w_2tDsDBbH1 Microsoft big day April 24, 2012 Congress Center Vienna Imtech ICT Austria Imtech ICT Austria is one of the leading companies for enterprise IT in Austria with the main business area of IT systems, software solutions and IT services. Bramac among its customers, Federal Computing Centre, OMV, Sony DADC Austria, Spar, Statistik Austria, etc.

is Imtech ICT Austria part of the Dutch technology group, Imtech N.V. with more than 27,400 employees worldwide. Imtech is key partner of leading IT vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Cisco. Sales 2011 amounted to 5.1 billion euros. Press contact: Imtech ICT Austria GmbH, Goethestrasse 84, 4020 Linz Mag. Marlene Wan Corporate marketing T + 43 5 17 15 18 52 I

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