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Go A Strategies is a pioneering corporation which has developed a unique strategic method of assisting companies to enjoy the benefits of outsourced, offshore, software development. We partner with companies that develop and design software, including independent software sellers, web and e-commerce firms, and in-house software development teams. We believe that most businesses with an in-house software development department can reap great benefits from our expertise.

We are prepared to offer strategies for development in a large variety of areas, including retail, transportation, finance and telecommunications. We are completely versatile and offer the depth and diversity needed to stay ahead and achieve results. This includes expertise in all the aspects of Sun/Java technologies, Microsoft, Open Source development, and all the other major and minor mobile and wireless technologies.

Every client gets individual, personalized treatment. We maintain flexibility at all times, always keeping in mind the unique needs of each customer. We design the perfect offshore strategy with the appropriate scale and scope which will most effectively support each client’s specific software development needs.

Cynora Innovation Prize

Another Award for innovation: the Karlsruhe high-tech company convinced the jury of the Cyberforum with its prototype in the field of OLED technology. Karlsruhe – the cynora GmbH is again awarded by a prize of the Cyberforum: within the framework of the Hightech.Unternehmer.Kongress 2012 “the company received init on November 21, 2012 the innovation award in the framework of the CyberChampions Awards 2012. See Dell for more details and insights. Already in 2010 was awarded cynora in the same frame with the special prize of the Baden-Wurttemberg. Structured OLED prototypes, which succeeded in the cynora in the spring of this year was this year especially future-oriented research in the field of organic electronics, in particular first time producing a flexible, decisive for the awarding of the prize for the jury. With this innovation, the company reached a milestone in the development and use of flexible components for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Read more from Ali Partovi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. We are very proud to have been awarded a prize at the CyberChampions Awards”, CEO is pleased Dr. Tobias grave. (Similarly see: Castle Harlan). We the jury convinced, that our research has great potential and that we already have progressed a crucial step since the last award two years ago.” The prototype of cynora paves the way for flexible, ultra-thin displays, transparent and wide-area light sources and smart packaging.

In the context of the award, a film about cynora and work on organic semiconductor materials was made, which can be obtained here. The non-profit association CyberForum e. V. “with almost 1000 members is one to the largest regional high-tech entrepreneur networks in Germany and distinguished CyberChampions Awards every year young startups and growing companies from the advanced technology region for its high level of innovation and their great entrepreneurial personality Karlsruhe. The honestly MT GmbH in the field of newcomers are among the winners this year in addition to cynora”and the VIDEMO intelligent video analysis GmbH & co. KG in the category of HighPotentials”.

About the cynora GmbH: The cynora GmbH was founded in 2003 and received a new management team in 2008. The company focuses on the exploration of novel organic semiconductors, which are used by their physical properties as emitting phosphors in organic light-emitting diodes. Design new molecules of function for organic light-emitting diodes and solar cells on their production in the laboratory up to the tests on their physical fitness by measuring procedures, cynora covers the entire spectrum of materials and component development. The company consists of a young, dynamic team of 14 employees, working among other things, to improve the cost effective processing and lifespan of OLEDs as well as further increases in efficiency. Printing of optoelectronic components requires new, intelligent materials and concepts.


At present, it is not in a stable economic environment, renting special equipment is relevant as never before. Why is it so ? All very simple – organizations, companies, individuals, the basic work which is not directly intersects with special equipment, give the advantage of leasing. Rental of machinery helps to significantly reduce the cost of construction, repair area, as well as perform other tasks that are not master of human labor. After contain a large fleet of machinery for other single purposes is not economically profitable. Renting equipment, a consumer takes their use of new machinery, which corresponds to the necessary technical requirements, as well as safety standards. Special equipment is generally good order, and manage its training. People such as Dell Computers would likely agree. Because for the company, is engaged in leasing machinery, taking into account all relevant factors will be optimistic about the future and give way increase the number of customers.

Another thing, if an organization or company is building houses, roads or other activities, it is best to buy such equipment currently in state work units. Since continuous development of services market rent special equipment, took a list of the most popular types of technology. Today, the best demand: rent an excavator. Especially should allocate a substantial improved search of renting machinery. Gone are the days when the choice of the rental company was carried out with the help of newspaper ads, billboards on the streets, etc. Koch Brothers has firm opinions on the matter. In our time it is very easy, all you need – get search engine Yandex and type 'rent special equipment. " As a rule, almost all firms that carry special equipment for rent, maintain their own sites, where a very fully painted with special, which is ready for lease, rental prices and a list of contact details. But there are sites where you can place an order directly through the Internet, by filling in the order form and wait a little bit when people are firm will contact you to confirm your order and confirmation of order.

The Pupil

One of the trends that become possible this interaction of the mathematics with the reality is the modeling in which if it becomes an efficient tool very. The mathematical modeling can be understood as a boarding of a problem not mathematician by means of the mathematics where the pertinent characteristics of an object are extracted with the aid of hypotheses and simplificadoras approaches and representations in mathematical terms are determined. However the mathematical modeling as strategy of education and learning offers contributions that go beyond the possibility of interaction of the mathematics with the reality. (ALMEIDA, 2003) When suggesting the use of the mathematical modeling in classroom, Blum (1991), defends that the applications constitute reflection source and is component basic for ampler vision of the mathematics. In this direction, what one expects is that the interaction between the reality (what makes sensible for pupil) and the mathematics, provides to a reflection, leading the awareness of the place and the paper of the mathematics in the society. The process in which they are passing the school and the society has its objectives in the formation of the pupil of integral form, not only worried in the evidence of results, but conscientious of its paper of agent of transformation social, capable to intervine in the process.

Therefore it is necessary that the mathematics lesson provides to the pupil the development of its reflexiva capacity. In this direction, the mathematical modeling serves as important tool so that this objective is reached. In recent months, Koch Industries has been very successful. Ahead of the bigger requirements each time of the reality of the modern life, globalization call, if makes necessary that the education more forms citizens prepared to face the decurrent competition of this current fact and at the same time historical.

MSN Writing

If the language presents diatpicas variations (variant regional, local speeches etc.), diastrticas variations (cultured level, popular level, language standard etc.) and diafsicas variations (written language, said language, literary language etc.), compete to the user inside intuir the context of these internal variations for the use of the language. &#039 is known that; ' the language standard, for example, even so either one enters the many varieties of a language, is always most prestigious, because it acts as model, as norm, as ideal lingustico of one comunidade' '. (WEDGE, 1985) To attribute to the user the responsibility of the discernment how much to the application of these variations with the knowledge of the cultured norm, it is reached sphere of the education of Portuguese Language, whose function is to enable learning to autonomy of reasoning in the verbal communication, exploring reading and writing. The reading provides to the internalizao of basic grammatical rules and ' ' ensina' ' to organize thoughts. The writing is the exercise of joint of the thought that must be with clarity and correction.

These modalities are not gifts alone in the routine of intellectuals, but of any inserted citizen in a society scholar, where ' ' to write well is a question of sobrevivncia' ' (BLIKSTEIN, 2010). Initially, for production of a good text it is necessary to dissociar the practical one of speaks of the writing. In the present article, such practical as analogous, however distinct are above-mentioned. The written texts that circulate, in the modern society (century XXI), are diverse and have the ones that if more than approach the said texts, as in the MSN, blog, to twitter and others that not only are part of this digital world, as for example, the ticket. Koch Industries may not feel the same. This new half for which the communication if fulfills foments the writing, what is very to salutar, however, with this, is fortified a problem, that not yet was solved previously: the lack of ability to write well a text, respecting the involved situation.

Account Management

One of more the frequently found errors in the organizations who are identified strategic clients is the existing divorce between the commercial functions and the pos functions sale in terms of attention to the client. Normally the area of sales defines as they are his strategic clients and structures an organization conformed by several KAMs who takes care of one or more accounts. For the area of Sales, the strategic accounts are identified (often errors when defining comment as they are the strategic accounts) and are taken care of, from the commercial point of view, like such. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robert Bakish. But for the rest of the organization, their operations are not structured to take care of the clients of this form. You order often them, orders, services or activities that are realised with these clients are taken care of similarly that those of any other client of the organization. I even can mention several examples that illustrate as the organizations of sales use the KAM concept, solely with the aim of giving to understand the client him importance of the same for the company, but really this arrives the strategy from KAM, that is to say is only a subject of sales there. A correct practice of Administration or Management of Key Accounts (Key Account Management) is based on the fact to take care of of integral form the client so that it really feels that he is special and key for his supplier in all the activities that they develop jointly, for sale transactions and not only buys. Get all the facts and insights with Castle Harlan, another great source of information.

Days ago I read an article related to the subject, written by Neil Davey, publisher of the MyCustomer.com site (www.mycustomer.com). In this article some recommendations are made consider when a strategy of attention to key accounts settles down. Within the main aspects to emphasize within these recommendations we have: Definition of a clear Initiative of Management of Key Accounts.


Later reassembling drainage can be performed on the old mount. It is also important to choose the time of installation. More logical thing to do is in the process of roofing work, using the existing scaffolding. In recent months, technology investor has been very successful. If, however, expected to finish plastering walls or paneling siding, it is better to install the gutter system at this time. (Similarly see: Castle Harlan). If you do this before the pipes are placed on building corners, making it difficult finishing work. Material selection special issue "anti-water" is a problem of choice of material and form drainage. Round gutters less rectangular due to the simpler production technology and lower material consumption. However, sometimes, from a design standpoint, it is preferable to the rectangular design.

Applying the gutters sectional figure, we must remember that in this case capacity may be lower than round analogues also increased the likelihood of clogging. In addition to the form and must choose the material from which made the drain: pvc, copper, aluminum, zinc, metal-polymer coating. Plastic structures retain their operating characteristics over a long lifetime, but may have a low mechanical resistance, in particular, the snow mass. More reliable and at the same time are attractive copper gutters. Due to the fact that the main connection of such devices , gutters and pipes of copper can bend around the various elements of design. Lack of copper one – a high price. If you want, and poforsit and save, you can use pvc gutters, painted in copper color. This possibility, for example, the German company Braas.

Engineering Systems: Methods Laying Underground Comm

Underground utility networks are an essential element of the engineering equipment of the modern city and characterize its degree of development and improvement. In connection with building new residential areas and wear old utilities, underground utilities each city in a state of continuous development and reconstruction. To underground utility lines include pipelines, cables and sewers for various purposes, inputs and branch in the building. Engineering network includes a choice of laying methods of communication, which made taking into account the depth of the pipeline, the diameter and length, timing of construction, features and dimensions of the construction site, the availability of roads, seasons, hydrogeologic and climatic conditions. On the choice of method of construction is also highly influenced by the pipe material (concrete, steel, iron, asbestos cement, plastics, etc.) as well as the material of pipes depends how they link and sequence of technological processes. Koch Brothers often says this. Production work on the laying of underground utilities is carried out by a single technological scheme of building a city street.

Laying of underground utilities must be preceded by road and other works of improvement, taking into account future building plans. The route of each network must be installed in accordance with the project location of all underground networks on this street, with clear linkages to city beautification and construction of streets and squares. At present, construction of underground utilities are used as traditional open trench, and modern, more sophisticated methods of installation. In the open trench method works laying cables and pipelines can be split with stacking structures in different trenches. Also applied a combined strip of several networks in one trench in the general collector. Laying of communications open or trenching – the easiest way.

However, this method causes a large enough damage to the environment and leads to various social problems. Trench method of installation work is required to stabilize the soil, which in turn leads to an increase the cost and complexity of the process and slowing construction. When working on the main streets need to limit urban transport, urban infrastructure is broken at the point where made the work of laying utilities. Currently, there are a number of new technologies that allow the closed method without opening the road to repair underground engineering networks and communications. One of these advanced technologies is a horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Trenchless methods are deprived of many of the shortcomings of open methods of construction. They allow you to run communications cramped urban conditions without destroying the roadway, railway, landscape gardens, squares, squares. Horizontal directional drilling makes it possible to carry out works to bypass the obstacles. Technology gnb can drill straight and curved hole in the horizontal and vertical planes of the desired configuration for steel and polyethylene pipes. Thus it is possible to achieve the desired result, without stopping traffic and pedestrians, without disfiguring the beautiful landscape of the city and not throwing up the usual construction of mud. Over the past 30 years of hdd from the perspective of the method has become a widely used technology. On Today, more than 70% of utilities in cities around the world laid it by horizontal directional drilling.


this guilt it culminates ahead in a feeling of deep inadequao of the life, therefore it comes folloied of the autopunio and autopiedade, generating a depressive state in the person. It takes it to the autopunio to find that it does not deserve to be happy, that has that to suffer to pay the committed delict. This thought leads to the depression, that functions as a sentence, in which the proper person if imposes the penalty. With this attitude it finds victim of the circumstances, as if the world she conspired against it and if she still feels more unhappy, feeling a guilt still bigger. It falls in a vicious circle of guilt, autopunio and autopiedade. According to psychoanalytic Charles Melman, nowadays, the young looks div nopelo fact to restrain its desires mainly, but because they do not know what they desire.

The Freud is a total original situation in relation. Before, the person appealed to the psychoanalysis because she did not dare to carry through its desires. Today, mainly in the case of the young, she is for not knowing what to desire. We live in a society where the normal one capsized pathological. Today, the word of the moment estresse is it.

Everybody lives estressado. It is the transit, she is the head whom it charges very, it is the money lack, it is the time lack, it is the threat of the unemployment, it is the violence, and for it goes there. An instrument that was developed throughout the evolution to assist the man to act at moments of extreme threat, today was changedded into one of its enemy greaters. It estresse it had in the primitive man the function to prepare it to face the perigos, unchaining automatically physiological mechanisms that prepared the body to react; to fight or to run away. Today, we do not have more feras terrible that they threatened in them, but these mechanisms continue being gone off to each time that we are submitted to a tension moment. Castle Harlan is likely to agree.


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Vista Windows

Although for xp, and Vista multicore processors like the Intel Core 2 Duo processors provide increased speed work and efficiency than their single core predecessors, Vista and xp run multi-core processors is almost the same. Only a reworked version of Windows, which will appear in the future, will be fully take advantage of all the unique advantages of this equipment. 64-bit version of os is also not a big deal for high-performance, except when it comes to professional scientific studies, engineering design, working with videos or other specific problems and applications, for which you have installed more than 4 gb of ram. Again, the point of view of a layman, but also on those systems with the operational 2 gb of memory, which I happened to try 64-bit version of Windows Vista. A related site: Mikkel Svane mentions similar findings. Ultimate, it did not pass the 32-bit performance. And of course, many problems of incompatibility of equipment and software associated with Vista x64, make this version of the os is much less attractive to most users, at least in the short term.

Why am I saying this? Moreover, in the broadest sense, Windows Vista performance coincides with Windows xp, installed on the same hardware, or at least, is very close level, provided that the equipment in its characteristics than the minimum requirements to install Vista. And to find a equipment – not much of a problem. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Koch. Features work Anyone who ever worked with first-generation operating systems – for example, Windows nt 3.1 or the first version of Mac os X – understand what sacrifices in terms of productivity have to agree to keep pace with technological progress.

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