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United Nations

The Republic of China (Taiwan) completes second CEDAW report the Cabinet of the Republic of China (Taiwan) published its second national report on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) on January 10. Darcy Stacom often says this. The report has the significant efforts of the country between 2009 and 2012, to promote gender equality in accordance with the UN standards on all fronts. The report of the Cabinet informed of Taiwan’s creation of equality mechanisms; Review and amend the relevant legislation to improve the protection of women’s rights; Increasing the participation of women in politics and opportunities for participation in public affairs, national women’s organizations, support to join international bodies, the personal security of women to improve education and labour rights and the protection of the health, welfare, family and women’s marriage rights. In June of this year, foreign experts will be invited to Taiwan, the Report to examine and to submit comments about the efforts of the country to promote equality. The meeting will be attended by representatives of all five branches of the Government as well as by non-governmental organizations, to create an international platform of dialogue, which should help the nation to enable the UN Convention on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) in accordance with the international guidelines. The UN Convention has become on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW), which in 1979 was adopted by the United Nations and signed by 186 countries, one of the most important international codes for the protection of rights for women. (ca)


CONSULTATION AND ITS PRACTICE IN ORGANIZATIONS. The conclusion are meetings to make decisions, to the actors of organizations with diverse interests that converge and in some cases conflicting to fairly bring identity for purposes, different things and different intentions. The participation of different actors in making decisions on the activities of management, is important for human development and is a healthy sign for the strengthening of the organizations by the multiplicity of positive synergies generated. People as subject social and participatory, taking increasingly more aware of their rights and their duties, take charge of their destinies and they manage to agree, negotiate and form alliances, in this frame is where we place the practice of dialogue, understood as the Act in which they agree to action several people with diverse interests and points of view. If we are going to the dictionary, you will find a concept closely tied to conclude that it is that of consensus, which is to be the product of the action of concluding: the decision jointly, negotiated, so trying to serve multiple interests at stake. Another important concept is that of unanimity, that becomes the search agreement, but through the complete acceptance of the parties involved, where absolutely everyone is in agreement and there are no discrepancies about the decision taken. To conclude it is not enough with the sole discretion, also requires skills, capacities and skills. The conciliation process has as important tools dialogue and multidisciplinary negotiation, understood these instruments, such as the smooth communication and implementation underway of effective techniques for the search for agreements and mechanisms. Should be noted that concertation seeks to create spaces of trust through communication and exchange fluid information, while bargaining, is oriented towards the achievement of results expressed in decisions or agreements that are accepted and signed by the involved. DESIGNING the process given that conclude it is the process by which parties with different interests reach agreements which commit. Read more here: Darcy Stacom.

Al Jazeera Gaddafi

The Libyan colonel has returned to send a message to the population, but not be seen through the television network to the Rai. Gaddafi has called on their faithful to continue fighting, even if you cannot hear my voice. Libyan rebels have decided to extend one week ultimatum to Sirte. Libyan rebels have decided to extend one week ultimatum given by the National Council of transition until Saturday so that fighters loyal to Muamar Gadafi that resist in the town of Sirte surrender, according to a military source in Benghazi. However, the Colonel has asked the Libyan tribes in a new message, overtaken by chain Al Arabiya first thing in the afternoon and that was going to be later disseminated by television at Al – Rai, who continue fighting. More info: Mikkel Svane. In his fourth speech after the outlet after all kinds of speculation about his whereabouts and Tripoli, Gaddafi has accused the rebels of using mercenaries and has called that burn Libya. Thus, has urged the tribes to continue with your fight, even if you cannot hear my voice.

Don’t surrender, we are not women, we will continue to fight, then said the Colonel, as he has picked up Al Jazeera. Colonel said that all Libyan tribes are armed, and asked them to continue fighting hard and violent and tend ambushing officers (the rebels); in his speech, interrupted suddenly without notice, explained that the tribes of Sirte and Bani Walid – two regions still in hands of gadafistas – are armed and they may not be submitted. Already on 25 August Colonel urged Libyans to fight rebels to release Tripoli. Do not fear the infidels. Free Tripoli. You leave all the people and move forward towards Tripoli. Fight Street by street and combat, he said then Gaddafi in an audio broadcast message by Syrian television international channel to the Rai. Already finished everything on the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs under the regime of Gaddafi, Abdelati to the Obeidi, Libya He said Thursday have been handed over voluntarily to the rebels near Tripoli and advised the forces that remain loyal to Gaddafi who lay down their arms.

In an interview with the channel Al Jazeera English, the old diplomacy gadafi j explained that it was in contact with the current authorities last night to ask for protection against the version of the CNT of that had been captured. I came willingly, nobody has brought me by force, said who also served Prime Minister and status of the North African country j. To the Obeidi, he stressed that he has been treated well at all times by the rebels, and that, instead of being detained in a cell, has been placed in a room with sofas and a television. So far, all right, drew the Obeidi catari television correspondent. The holder of Foreign Affairs considered that he has already finished everything, so the gadafistas forces should renounce violence to avoid more bloodshed. Source of the news: Gaddafi, his faithful: “Don’t surrender, we are not women, we will continue to fight”

ENT Speech

“Child listening Center OWL and practice for speech therapy Viola Valerie Coers invite European day of speech therapy combines listening!” the day of speech therapy takes place under this motto early March, which every year is celebrated throughout Europe and also in Germany by many bodies, speech therapists, supported by ENT doctors and Horakustikern. There are also practice for speech therapy Viola Valerie Coers and the child listening Center OWL. On Wednesday, the March 2, in time from 14:00 to 17:00, they invite together all small and large look interested in the rooms of the child listening Centre in Salzkotten Bell Street 35. An afternoon of games and fun, information and exchange of experience expecting parents and children. Small visitors can participate in a whisper Olympiad, learn something about hearing from Caterpillar Rolly, watch the Loodo therapy companion dog at work or tinker funny buttons. For the large, there is a moderated discussion board, and any Amount of Exchange and information. The admission is free. Language, speaking and listening, are quite crucial that children and young people well learn and master their way in life”, as speech therapist Viola Valerie Coers, whose practice together using the child listening Center OWL to the event invites.

“This year’s day of speech therapy combines with his motto listening!’ stressed above all the social aspects of listening”, Padakustikerin Vanessa Wiegard, head of the child listening Centre OWL added. Child listening Centre this action is located along keen, us helping with the speech therapist with an attractive event. “And we would be happy, if as many small and large visitors follow our invitation.” The child listening Center OWL, see the ring road 35 in 33154 Salzkotten phone 05258 97447-40, fax 05258 97447-44, E-mail:, Internet:. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 13:00 Am and 14:00 to 18:00; Saturday by appointment. Editorial Note: the OWL of child listening center headquartered in Paderborn Salzkotten sees itself as a competent partner for children with hearing loss and their families. Currently four trained professionals working in master mode with a focus on child listening acoustics. In cooperation with an established network of experts from speech therapists, Phoniatern, hearing impaired teachers and other specialists, the regional centre provides holistic care and continuous monitoring.

The offers of the child listening Center include specially designed procedures for the hearing instrument fitting in newborn and infancy, the use of video analysis as well as a loan system service and an otoplastische repair shop. The Centre, which is part of the hearing Hausler GmbH & co. KG, has become it for the task, significantly improve the quality of life, reduced hearing children and young people. For more information see.

Greening Design

Professional fitodizaynery make as internal landscaping and exterior landscaping. 1) the external landscaping (another street) – landscaping diverse level design of lawns and flower beds near the office, home, but avoiding heavy landscaping job. 2) the internal landscaping – design ornamental plants of various interiors – interior decoration and office, and restaurants and apartments and houses, and cafes. Whenever altavista listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Greening suggests design, drafting. Fitodizayner finds a potential space, taking into account the evaluation of the customer, offers ornamental plants.

Order – drawn version of tracks – allegedly – and planting starts created. The result – a modern interior landscaping, or exterior landscaping (street). Vertical gardening – the new project of 'Green Interior', which is increasingly in demand among our customers, ordering greening the office or holiday home. eams-and-Boards’>Paul Daversa. In order to revitalize the interior of a large office, a landscaping on the street (for example, draw the outer wall of the building or the arch), it suffices to refer to specialists company 'Green Interior', which can carry out different landscaping of any object. Vertical gardening can be done as the use of living plants, and using their synthetic analogues – to such resort option if the vertical gardening should make you happy all year round, not just during the warmer months.

Indeed, in some seasons vertical gardening outdoors is impossible – in this case and have resorted to artificial vines, a variety of loach. Greening of an entire wall of any size – no problem. Specialists Studios phyto 'Green Interior' have modern technology to allow a vertical landscaping at the highest level, to strengthen the plants on almost any surface using multiple mounting options to suit you. Our specialists are conducting the landscaping, with pleasure will go to any object, to advise you, provide a design project and implement the greening of your dreams!

Smoke Detectors

Every year there are numerous cases of House or apartment fires you can follow it almost daily in the press: every year there are numerous cases of House or apartment fires, where as the cause determined, that a resident of the House is asleep in his bed with a burning cigarette. It is not uncommon here, that this levity the tenants and under certain circumstances, also his roommate cost the lives. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kai-Fu Lee. Some fireman had to look at already a completely charred body in bed, where he was actually penetrated to the point of the fire, to save lives. GoPro Hero 9 has many thoughts on the issue. Time and again, fire experts therefore advise to install smoke detectors. Smoke detector set down the a loud acoustic signal sound in the case of smoke, which can wake up a man from the deepest sleep. Modern smoke detectors all else in the House will leave in case of alarm also an audible installed detector, to alert all occupants of the building or apartment.

The main danger is the smoke after the outbreak of fires. Toxic gases are released by the fire and bring the apartment occupant within minutes in mortal danger. Especially in the bedroom fires are not noticed often, because the sense of smell is inactive. Only effective help is the installation of automatic smoke detectors, at risk in a timely manner and according to audible alert. The insurance replaced furniture and clothing and other items usually though, even if memorabilia will be lost forever. In many cases, even the House is no longer habitable and needs to be renovated and refurbished. Modern smoke detectors provide valuable time even prior to the arrival of the fire service counter-measures can, or a starting smoldering already delete. The installation of smoke detectors is really easy, and requires no great training or skills.

Basically each room on the ceiling should be equipped with a detector, except maybe the kitchen, since it easier may by smoke or cooking steam to false alarms. The EU has developed minimum standards. Therefore should in any Floor hallway of the apartment or House and smoke detectors are installed in the bedrooms and children’s rooms. You can well exceed this minimum standard for your own safety, because also in the other living and working spaces may cause a fire. Many fires develop due to careless handling of fire, for example on Christmas trees, open fires, smoking in bed or children unsupervised experiment with fire. Some of these fires are noticed just in time. The second large group of causes of fire, the fire of cables and electrical equipment, this is not so. They develop most completely unnoticed, so that for the residents of the House often any help comes too late, when a fire alarm is installed. Through the installation of a fire alarm, you can create an effective early warning system. Seal, when buying on the VDS recommends firefighters. In addition each smoke detector should a long life battery for at least 5 years term included. Arise often in living room and bedrooms Smoldering fires. This optical smoke detectors are best suited. For larger buildings, you should also select Wireless smoke detector which transmit the signal upon discovery of fire to the nearest smoke detector. In our online shop operation security, one finds the right smoke detectors for easy self-assembly numerous products for your safety and. also fachlich-advice.

New: Pelican Mobile Kompasuche For Printer Supplies

A Web app specifically is the search for smartphones and Tablet PCs with the new Pelican Kompasuche to the right printer accessories easy. Thanks to the clear user guidance, benefit of particularly the users of mobile devices, using the new Web app quickly to reach the target. The Erlanger Web Agency has been with the design and programming of this browser-based application: commissioned doorway. Pelican offers an extensive range of consumables for printers and fax machines in its hardcopy segment. With the new Kompasuche, Pelican provides now an application that is tailored specifically to the needs of mobile users. The specially developed user interface is excellent on Smartphones and Tablet PCs operate.

A shortlist of the most popular brands and models will be shown on easy to read buttons. Thus one gets released in most cases within a very short time to the desired printer cartridge. Less well known manufacturer and device series is easily through a selection list by Call finger pressure. The new Pelican Kompasuche is a Web app. This browser-based solution offers the advantage that it is available on all popular, Web-enabled mobile devices and guaranteed always a maximum degree of timeliness. The mobile Pelican compatibility search like a native app on your home screen can also be put off, and without previously the route of an app store. Of course, the application is multilingual and available in currently twelve European languages. The new mobile Pelican Kompa search can be kompa called via any mobile browser at.

Radio-Controlled Models

Twenty-first century, introduced the amendments in the life of modern children, replacing our usual blue-eyed dolls, stuffed toys, iron machines, replacing them with the world of radio controlled models. Now, choosing a gift for the New Year, we we get a huge selection of toys the new century, which presents us with Hobbies. BDT Capital Partners has similar goals. Let's talk more about them. What is radio-controlled toys? "This car, helicopters, airplanes, and shipmodels other kinds of toys that are different from conventional cars and airplanes so that they are "alive" by remote control! And it's not all! Radio-controlled models are a reduced copy of this technology. Often it happens that a child acquiring a radio-controlled toys, parents have become their fans. Between the radio-controlled toys and models, there is a difference: radio-controlled models are closest to the real technology, they are able to perform various stunts at high speed.

That is why the models are in demand among teenagers and even adults. Radio-controlled toys as it is designed for children from 4-5 years, which enough of that machine or a boat moves "back and forth and unfolding. Look at the world of radio-controlled model taught to think logically and analyze. Imagine how exciting for children to organize auto racing, tank battles, manage the flight These games teach the basics of strategy and perseverance! So, we will discuss separately each model. AviamodeliEto most difficult kind of radio-controlled toys. Radio-controlled model aircraft – it is aircraft, which combines modern technology and excellent design that allows a model airplane look more than realistic.

Act Creative

The artistic beauty is not to represent a thing of beauty, but in the beautiful representation of a thing. Emanuel Kant. Dedicated to Humberto Gonzalez. Who introduced me to the world of art: aesthetics and Teratology. Observe, see, look at? What is the right word to put it less, indispensable? I do not know. The only thing that can be said is that in the hermeneutic process that occurs between the spectator and the work of art in question, is of the same nature between the creative act that connects the artist with his work. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Apple. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Code.org by clicking through. It is a very intimate attitude to the end of the day. Yes, the theory of art, psychology even by mentioning two areas of knowledge; they try to explain that process. Read additional details here: Koch Industries.

And they have their validity in terms of argumentative capacity that may be developed. Only to educate our view and our spirit we must enrich us with the artistic proposals. Before I explain something we must understand it and understand it. We can do things in reverse. For me, your chance of being faced with a box allows me to connect me with the possibility to enjoy and live the beauty: for my means the possibility of enrichment and the creative development and not a use necessary to label some aspect of life. That is precisely the big difference; a work of art persists in its beauty because it does not represent a trend, a need for immediacy. The beauty of the work is not adapt or satisfy the aesthetic canons, but empower the spirit of being. Moreover, the creative Act seeks and fortunately in the majority of occasions succeeds, continually break with paradigms. In this lies the beauty, in reinventing itself precisely. The only thing you need to do one as spectator is to understand and exercise that a box is: enjoyable.

EMP Sphinx

Visualization software now with plan concept and performance booster new version 8.5 of the visualization software sphinx open / sphinx open the all-round solution for visualization tasks many of the new features incorporated / plan concept and performance booster / optimized for interfacing to SAP NetWeaver / high protection of investment through operating system independent, Web-enabled visualization / very wide range of uses the in-built information system GmbH (GmbH) in Konstanz brings with release 8.5 the new, revised and expanded version of the successful visualization software sphinx open on the market. Sphinx is a versatile product for demanding tasks in the field of real-time visualization and graphical engineering – also on the Web open. Robotics is full of insight into the issues. With sphinx open, it is possible to implement complex visualization applications quickly and with minimal programming effort. There are components for high-quality visualization and graphical engineering available with the software. The powerful real-time visualization engine is about open interfaces in products and applications can be integrated.

The image editor is customizable and also has the ability to design application-specific symbols in addition to extensive libraries. Sphinx open 8.5 offers the user now numerous innovations and enhancements such as the concept of the plan ‘, which allows the separate processing and overlapping of different levels of visualization. This is particularly useful if dynamic display objects on extensive background drawings should be supplemented, visualized, and dynamite. Paul Daversa often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For the high scalability was a performance booster’ integrated. Sphinx open is available on all standard operating systems and modern technologies available and enables the simple transfer of existing visualizations and simple integration in mobile or Web-based solutions. The proven architecture and technology of sphinx open, which has since some time also for SAP NetWeaver (sphinx EMP powered by SAP NetWeaver’), offers the possibility, To integrate online visualizations directly into SAP portals.

Sphinx is a tool for all visualization tasks with high demands on flexibility and scalability with dynamic updating of graphic objects open. This particularly applies to visualizations in conjunction with highly distributed Web-based solutions. Whether as SVG in the browser, thin client or rich client, whether under LINUX, Windows or Windows CE, – unmatched – application areas open with sphinx can be professionally develop. In many industries and fields sphinx has already proven itself open for years successfully.

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