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T.I. Applied Logistic

1- World-wide panorama? Globalization of the Economy international markets and competitiveness? Society of the knowledge based in the information and generated knowledge? Consequence in the enterprise structure organization and management 2- What it is T.I. Technology of the Information, evolution of the boarding of data processing through the use of computational resources 3- Paper of the T.I in the Companies? To support the operations to reach the maximum of efficiency with the lesser cost? To provide to management integrated of all the resources 4- Importance of YOU in Logistic Old the flow of information was based on paper, today these information is managed electronically by the tools of YOU. Consequncias: – Reduction of the logistic costs? – Perfectioning of the services? – Improvement in offers of information the customer 5- Systems of Logistic information? Logistic activities in an integrated process – combining the hardware and software to measure and to manage operations logistic SRM – Supplier Relationship Management CRM – Customer Relationship Management ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning E-Procurement E-Commerce WMS – Warehouse Management System TMS – Transportation Management System MONTH – Manufacturing Execution System SCM – Supply Chain Management Systems 6- Examples of Application of T.I in logistic operations Dell Computer: it invested in sales for the Internet; – Invoicing grew 60% in one year. Other leaders such as Viacom offer similar insights. Profit USD 1bilho Rev. Business Week Souza Cross: 900 vehicles; 200 a thousand customers; – Roteirizador: efficiency of 99%, 43 deliveries per day. Sources:. Goop may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Eileen Prades

But this is worth, in relative terms, far below the conventional vehicles. Even if the power from the local socket is involved and thus comes from the power of the respective region. Tests have shown that only an area of 20m can deliver 2 solar cells enough electricity to power an electric car. In that case, the zero-emission is actually more than just an assertion and not a skeptic of the world can deny this. Argument 4 Eautos are not powerful enough. Skeptics say that the maximum speed of an electric car not sufficient for a motor vehicle on German roads. However, speeds of up to 120 km/h do not make Eautos to high-performance vehicles on highways, are perfectly suitable for everyday use.

It is even the opposite is the case: the positive torque, caused due to the Elimination of the piston, ensures that electric cars can take advantage of the available energy from the first torque to and can accelerate much faster than conventional vehicles. Argument 5 the price is too high. The price for a standard manufactured electric car is currently about 30000 euro. This price is not expects even for so-called regular drivers. But must be not so expensive to have an electric car. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this.

Virtually any car can be converted within a few hours to an Eauto. What thousands of car drivers have proven for years in the United States and other countries has been gathered in a step by step guide of the eAutosFuerAlle.de team and is now also the German car driver is available. See how even a layman can make the conversion of a conventional vehicle to electric cars in just a few hours and a minimal financial investment. All the skeptics doubts unfounded and should not stand in the way the success of electric vehicles. Germany has perceived relatively late to jump on the bandwagon of this technology and it is time to catch up lost ground through the knowledge that electric cars need to be no mere vision of the future, but today can become a reality. Eileen Prades

Alpine Igloo Village Ski World Kitzbuehler Alps

The Alps igloo village in the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental is an igloo village with hotel, ice bar, art and experience. Benno Reitbauer is Tyrolean, but his basic knowledge to the igloo was the Managing Director of the event agency SAM in Finland. Do not block for block, but with the help of oversized balloons is at the mountain station in Hochbrixen multi-week construction of every winter new the Alps igloo village with 18 igloos. Igloo suites to stay, an igloo shop which Eristoff ice bar, an igloo restaurant, an outdoor snow bar and even a church it is available for weddings, concerts and services available include the 2000-square-meter village near Meadow Lake of felt. There are the cocktail at the Eristoff-ice bar on request from the real ice glass. In winter, young and old welcomes a shiny magic world country in the exhibition ICE. No one can escape the broadcasting of the ephemeral works, their grace, aesthetics and transparency. Hardly anyone would guess this stunning impressions in an igloo village in the Alps without long journey to a Lappish ice hotel.

The sculptures made of ice and snow are illuminated with LED technology and backed with cool sound. You are tonnes despite their artistic ease and range of igloo ceiling partly up to. You are all handmade. Up to a week make the artists on them, experienced ice sculptor are also at work as young artists with OffBeat ideas. The raw material, blocks of ice weighing approximately 125 kilograms, Alps igloo makes available from our own production. Donald W Slager has firm opinions on the matter. Every day, there are exhibition tours in several languages. The white village is perfectly accessible for non-skiers, by Brixen IM Thale with the modern cable car in eight minutes. A welcome drink at the ice bar, a guided tour through the exhibition of ICE LAND, a meat fondue at the crystal-clear ice table, a night hike with torches and a campfire with shaman baptism or ice carving workshop are the exciting components of several hours arrangements igloo glamour night.

It ends with a common taxi trip into the Valley. The night-time Experience will be offered every Wednesday and Saturday. On request, there is a candle-light dinner in romantic togetherness instead of the common meat fondue. Any atmospheric night in an Alpine igloo village, which skillfully combines luxury and adventure begins with a comprehensive programme of activities and the Fondue dinner on the ice table. In the two-igloo Suite wait real mattresses, warm reindeer skins and cozy expedition sleeping bags. A breakfast buffet in a warm offers the conclusion of the night. In the igloos are constant minus two degrees Celsius. The better the sleeping bags keep warm the less clothes, to more than minus 30 degrees. Through a daily fresh ticking, the sleeping bags stay fresh and hygienic. The one and a half meters thick walls of the igloos protect not only against wind and weather, but also provide soothing relaxation. All visitors are cared for intensively by Igloo guides site. They are selected from hundreds of applicants and go through a challenging application process. With rather small but fine”describes the Benno Reitbauer intensive care of his maximum of 28 overnight guests, who he is very close to the heart.


This Kenersys, succeeds at the same time to optimise the costs through standardized components, and to create a site-specific solution. Modular: The technology-carrier of SkyWind costs can reduce technology support for wind energy components of SkyWind GmbH with the new 3.4 megawatt. The system, the Schleswig-Holstein companies for the price of technology has applied is consistently modular in design. All main functions are associated with independent modules. The system, to test new products in a real wind turbine during operation, to Exchange, to develop and present customers allows component manufacturers.

Because the Tower also serves as a crane, the system even in hard to reach locations can be with a little logistical effort build. About the wind Alliance technology award of the wind Alliance technology is award for the first time as international technology Prize jointly by Deutsche Messe AG and awarded at the HUSUM WindEnergy 2012 Messe Husum. With the award, you acknowledge Organizer for outstanding innovations in the product and services of the international wind industry. The four-member jury research and head of renewable energy and wind energy at the Dutch Research Institute ECN, Professor Alois Schaffarczyk competence centre include wind energy Dr. Klaus Rave of also Dr.

Jos of Baker, former (CE wind) in Kiel, as well as Dr. Kurt Rohrig of the Fraunhofer Institute for wind energy and energy system technology in Kassel. The prize is awarded on 19 September 2012 from 11:00 to 12:00 in the Auditorium of the NordseeCongressCentrums NCC in Husum. The HUSUM WindEnergy the HUSUM WindEnergy is worldwide the largest trade fair for wind energy. It takes place every two years in Husum. From 18 to 22 September 2012, around 1,200 exhibitors from 30 countries on an area of 58,000 square meters exhibit their products and services. The organizers expected a new record of more than 36,000 visitors from 90 countries to this year’s fair. Partners of the exhibition include the international associations of GWEC (global wind) Energy Council), BWE (German wind energy Association), VDMA (Fachverband power systems), EWEA (European wind energy Association), as well as the economic development agency of Nordfriesland mbH. Messe Husum Husum & Congress company mbh & co. KG am Messeplatz 12-18 25813 Husum press contact PR agency Krampitz Lea Schmitz Dillenburg str. 85 51105 Koln Tel.: + 49 (0) 221 912 49949 fax: + 49 (0) 221 912 49948 E-Mail: about the wind in the odd-numbered years the Deutsche Messe AG held the wind during the HANNOVER fair fair. There, facilities, services, and components for the wind energy in the industrial context are presented. In conjunction with the parallel energy fairs, as well as the world’s largest trade fair for drive technology MDA, it is wind in Hanover in the focus of exhibitors and visitors from the energy sector, industry, politics and Government.

Unicode Searchable

Mature technology and attractive prices give impetus for new projects Berlin, 21 August 2012. The LurTech Europe GmbH specifically addressed the issue of digitisation of historical fonts in font with her new partner, the system integrator specialising in archive systems MSV peine. Together they offer a technically sophisticated and attractive price solution archives and libraries, allowing them to archive their fracture documents in PDF/A format and to make the full-text searchable. Archives and libraries are often faced with the challenge to digitize their holdings of historical writings, but not to bring up the cost. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Viacom. This is especially the case if the scanned documents in full text to be searchable. Not only disproportionate costs partially offset by previous projects, but also a fledgling technology. Now the possibility to achieve two goals with a measure and not only to make the blackletter types of full-text searchable, but it is also in the modern and standardized PDF/A format to archive.

LurTech and MSV peine have combined technologies and know-how to a consistent solution. It consists of a combination of OCR technologies and the LurTech PDF compressor, a production and process-compatible solution for document and data conversion and compression. Continue to learn more with: Robotics expert . Historical documents in Fraktur font are now searchable in full text and can be permanently archived in PDF/A format. The system House MSV peine ensures the efficient realization of digitization projects with his industry expertise. So far OCR was neither technically mature for Fraktur script still affordable. That has now changed, therefore it is shelved projects now to attack,”explains Thomas Zellmann, partner of LurTech. But this applies not only to public archives and libraries for large corporate archives or publishers, the solution is suitable.” All potential users together is that of highly compressed and full text benefit searchable PDF/A compliant files. With LurTech and MSV peine chose PDF/A-2u the level, because it takes advantage of Unicode support.

Holy Scriptures

Many well-known researchers share this opinion. A quote of the already given back Protagonists like me at this point already again: the historical fact, is the most direct evidence of the compatibility of religion and science that just the greatest scientists of all time, men such as Kepler, Newton, Leibniz were imbued with deep religiosity. Peter Asaro may also support this cause. Religion and science not mutually, as today, some believe and fear, but they complement and mutually. “Where and how far we may look, between religion and science we nowhere find a contradiction, but just in the decisive points full compliance.” Max Planck (1858-1947) founder of the quantum theory (Frankenberger: page 17) but also Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)-formulated parteiischer but still very true as I find it (but also from another time): “the Holy Scriptures and the nature both of the divine words come from those as inspiration of the Holy Spirit, as organiser of the divine commands.” How come this world-famous Researchers who have devised many fundamentals of our today’s technology, daily used in our society as a matter of course, to such statements? And, although the majority of the population of the opinion is that science and religion are mutually? Yes, unforgiving contrary face? “As a young man, I was practicing atheist. The exploration of the universe showed me that the existence of matter is a miracle that only supernatural explanation.” Allan sand package, astronomer (1926-2010, Mister Cosmology) Yes, why are these people to such statements? I think the answer is quite simple: you were both so deeply in their specialist area penetrated, that three new questions have emerged with each answered question -. Last terminated all have realized that behind what people as measurement results, conclusions and observations are, ultimately is a much larger, intelligent and grading force. And many of these people have this knowledge want to share with other people. As a researcher, they were busy anyway so with various essential questions – you’re looking for these questions by sober science to explain.

Master Alexander Dominguez

Workshop Perzentilanalyse experienced wide positive response as new procedures of the hearing, the Perzentilanalyse is currently on everyone’s lips. With their help, it becomes more than ever possible in adapting to take account of the individual characteristics of human hearing; the settings can be verified on the basis of natural speech signals. But how can these advantages in the daily practice of listening acoustic stores be integrated? The visitors of the first workshops Perzentilanalyse, which directed the GN hearing GmbH in July together with their sister company Otometrics found answer. The event met with a broad and positive response, and will soon be a continuation. The one-day workshop was fully booked with 14 participants. As guest speaker, Professor Dr. Inga Holube could be obtained.

The Chairman of the Institute for hearing technology + Audiology of jade spoke about backgrounds of Perzentilanalyse College in Oldenburg, and said the development of the international test Signal (ISTS). The bridge between Perzentilanalyse and daily practice was then defeated in the subsequent presentation of Thorsten Knoop, product manager with Otometrics. (As opposed to Robotics expert ). With his lively and understandable presentation presenter, succeeded to open new, enlightening insights into the complex topic and to reduce fears, which had brought many visitors to the event. The participants under the guidance of Thorsten Knoop (Otometrics) and Dieter Fricke, Thomas Frond and Yaser Georgos (ReSound) in the application of the procedure practised in the following group work. Also, the workshop was used varied for individual Exchange. Simple, understandable and practical new edition the mixture of a theoretical part with Mrs Professor Holube and a practical part is already planned a good combination in the autumn”, ruled after hearing care professional Master Alexander Dominguez from frets. Hearing care professional champion Alexandra Sirocks of Telgte said: on the same subject, I have ever attended a course in Lubeck. By the same author: Donald W Slager. At the event here, I liked that the details were easy and understandable.

Also for the practice has me today much taken.”the remarks were very, very instructive”, assured audiologist champion Kurt-Jurgen Bock from Warstein. It is very important to making the technical features that we have today, in the form of a craft. And because it matters of course, that earmolds and hearing aid can usefully cooperate with each other. If you then also can document these measuring results, thanks to the Visual representation for the client understandably can change, then we are next step ever.” At the end of the one-day training, participants achieved even seven points of joy for himself. A new edition of the event is planned for the autumn. Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims It products and services to develop and market worldwide, that enable hearing care professionals to significantly improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

MLM Writing

Sure that have heard this phrase the content is King, is our main material for the creation of a strategy, in the case that concerns us today, a strategy that we are going to go to marketing with our articles. Let’s take an example, when we went into one page to find some kind of information, the content and your search becomes a priority. From here it becomes important the need to write articles by means of which, we create value for our potential audience content. But how can we create this value? A great way to achieve this is through search engines. These articles for search engines are the perfect bait, then search engines sent to your bugs to find out where to pick up and where there is content to index it in these same. ASC09W73’>Castle Harlan. But this strategy of marketing with articles is say a but, and it is that we have to have patience and wait that generate their own fruit in the timeline and begin to derive traffic to our blog, we have to be very consistent to publishing and work in a continuous manner. If we take into account these elements, we know that this way of working gives us many advantages, such as the exposure of the products that we have in our blog or the recognition of our experience in the MLM industry. This strategy is a great way to generate traffic to our sites, by which articles get other people viewing the content in forums etc, please click on the links and come to our blog, which is where to advertise products that we have.

By last the technical marketing with articles, if carried out with a careful writing and keywords in the content, will be a lot better, by that as well will better position our blog in the search engines. We can get our articles to be published on other blogs and so improves our position in the search results. We have to know that writing an article is not an easy job, even less if it is worth being an article that speaks of a promotion of a product of your MLM company, of a product of your creation or an affiliate system. But it’s a job if he makes a right way obtained very good results.

Seductive Mineral Water

Absence of big budgets, unconventional ideas and marketing 2.0, the brand has just launched a blog, written by the Brand Manager. Aware of the limited scope that has a blog, the outpost of the Eagle raises this relaunch as a long journey that will travel slowly, in line with the current position of the Premium waters within the market of mineral waters and the situation of the segment in general. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. What we intend to, explained Sergio Molina, is to give presence to the product, because, currently, many consumers do not ask the Charter of water when they go to a restaurant, simply because it is a category that has no head. In recent years, other brands have not advertise their products in this segment and this is an opportunity that we must seize. In this blog, the first of its kind for a Premium water, surfers can find up-to-date news of new product developments, singularities and above all allow users to give their ideas about the product or the brand strategies; It is to bring marketing done by users taking into account that knowledge is universal and free, and to hang up our Blog on the internet we hope that it is disseminated as quickly as possible so that this new stage is innovation and creativity explains Molina. In addition to contributing ideas, they may ask Brand Manager any quesions having thereon. Respond to all the comments in the blog, and every 15 days, publish a post with information, curiosities, news and events about Seductive Mineral Water. Marketing 2.0 is probably the largest transformation that has happened in 100 years in the relationship between products and services and customers/users.

Marketing 2.0 is not a technique or a set of actions, is the marketing of ideal for a completely different culture marked by Internet web 2.0 facilitates individual contribution to the objectives of the members of an organization, whether big or small, so that with a human capital and a proper motivation, the success of the future organizations will behave as if all their participating external or internal were managers what is achieved? Conversation, new ideas, disparity of views, critical, by people who found out the brand itself. In addition, is the effect that causes users that with this strategy is opening and image that is listening to those who consume the drink for more information, contact: notes for editors: about La Posta del Aguilala Posta of the Aguila is a leader in the production and sale of water Premium on international markets. The Posta del Aguila has baggers in other countries, sales offices, centers of research and development, and supply points strategically located around the world.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

How to get more traffic and visitors to your website or blog? This is one of the questions that are most frequently made most people that tenen own web site or trying to start any business on the Internet. The answer sometimes can be simple and at other times not so much. For example a few years ago it was very easy to get more traffic to your website, almost immediately, resorting to advertising pay per click. Today it is still an option, of course, but increasing competition in most of the topics, makes sometimes it too expensive and may not be cost-effective to resort to this option to advertise. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. Apart from the publicity of payment other options about which you have heard about and you can find information on the Internet. A leading source for info: Mashable.

For example, the best-known alternative, web positioning in reality nobody doubts that it would be the best option. Can you imagine being the first in Google? Only with imagine it enough to realize that the first single can be one. Then How to get more traffic to your website? There are still plenty of alternatives, and I also say that the previous two are bad, but the best, without doubt, is that I explain below: marketing with articles. For more than ten years is the best and most widely used strategy of generation of traffic for any website. It is easy and it is within the reach of everyone, but also produces excellent results both in the short and long term. Marketing with articles is one of the best answers to the question how to get more traffic to your website, because it can bring you visitors interested in their content almost immediately and in the long term, not only will ensure qualified visitors, but it also helps to improve the positioning of your website thanks to the number of relevant links that accumulate (backlinks). Feel free to continue reading if you want to learn how to implement a good strategy of marketing with articles to get more traffic to your web site in a way quickly and easily.

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