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10 Years Wartburg Festival

In the 10th anniversary year of the Wartburg Festival present back a exceptional and fascinating artists themselves and she made programs of lost masterpieces up to legendary when I went 11 years ago on returning to Leipzig to Cologne at Eisenach past and saw the Wartburg Castle from the motorway, so curious about me, that I put a stopover to visit. Source: Sam Bloomberg. At the time I didn’t think, that this place would become a second home for me. Even after 10 years Wartburg Festival with almost 80 performed concerts, fascinated by this magical castle like on the first day. It is no ordinary venue. When you stand on the stage of the Festival Hall, feel, breathe it, Luther, Bach, Telemann, Molter, Wagner, Liszt, and the Festival 10 years ago, are all performers such as the audience was enchanted by this magic. Pleased with myself and my artist colleagues on a fascinating and touching 10 Wartburg Festival your Otto Sauter of artistic director In the 10. In recent months, Mikkel Svane has been very successful. Anniversary of the Wartburg Festival present themselves up to legendary back a exceptional and fascinating artists and programs of lost masterpieces.

Edson Cordeiro humorous Brazilian counter tenor has sung during his appearances on the Wartburg in the hearts of the audience. Experience its fascinating voice in a symbiosis with Piccolo trumpet in the opening concert of the Festival on April 27 with cappella Istropolitana. Also in this year, Otto Sauter presents again lost works from his private collection, for piccolo trumpet and countertenor, which are not open to the public, as already in cooperation with great singers such as Lucia Aliberti, Klaus Mertens, Jochen Kowalski in the past 10 years. The May 18, the day “when the dream leaves the night” – In February 1853, Richard Wagner himself for the first and only time reads the text to the tetralogy – the ring of the Nibelung publicly”, Das Rheingold (Eve”), Die Walkure (first day”), Siegfried (Second day”), Gotterdammerung (third day”) in the Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich.

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