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Monitoring of consumer preferences for domestic market HVAC equipment RG "Ideal Media" held since 2004. Another online poll was held in October 2007. What are the trends identified research? First, potential market capacity consumption of air conditioners while demonstrating a very attractive rate – 46% of respondents expressed a desire to purchase air conditioning (although this figure dropped slightly to Compared to last year), and 23% have not decided yet on this issue. Definitely do not plan to buy air conditioning 31%. Secondly, there have been significant changes in the requirements for the air conditioner requirements.

What additional features, but actually cool the air, we would like to see the potential buyers in your air conditioner (no more than two answers at the same time)? First of all, clean air (54%). This function as a year ago, is among the leaders. Humidification of the third line in 2006 has risen to second in this – with 47% of the vote. Next is the heating of air (37%), who was in fourth position last year. And here is a function of enrichment air with oxygen has been less in demand: it dropped from second place to fourth (26%). With the characteristics of air conditioners, which are most important in his selection, there were even more radical changes consumer preferences (no more than three answers at once).

The absolute leader – "low noise" (71%), rising from the second line last year. "High reliability" on the contrary dropped from first to second – 60%. Closes the top three "low power consumption" – 42% (and by region, the figure is already 46%), otodvinuvshy with this position, "price conditioning" (40%). And this is the most significant change since a year ago supporters of energy efficiency was almost half the price of adherents. While on the other hand, the acceptable price for air conditioning installation remained at Moscow – 600-800 dollars with a tendency to increase in value, the regions – 350-600. Rating of brands, the best, according to respondents, the ratio of "price-quality" is available on the website. Over a quarter of the audience is not defined in this question. In the first place to their liking (and wallets) will go to fight. Speaking of loyalty, then, for example, General (Japan) in terms of growth of their priverzhennikov 60% ahead of his twin Fujitsu. Identical technique, but how different is the attractiveness of these brands in the eyes of consumers! This season has been marked and high budget advertising campaign, which is quite natural to assume, and influenced the change customer loyalty. Respondents noted the changes on the advertising. If last year was the most visible (in descending order) outdoor advertising, advertising in the media and the Internet, and television advertising behind the leader 20 percentage points this year (no more than three options simultaneously) leaders came to the Internet (56%) and television (49%). Outdoor advertising dropped from first to fourth place (41%), and the media – from second to fifth (31%). But much more noticeable was the advertising on transport (20%). It should be noted at this very loyal background – 45% of respondents said that the advertisement can get a lot of useful information.

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