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When we propose objectives usually this means a change to our lives because it involves reaching a desired situation that we do not have it in the present moment, the greatest motivation is to see us enjoying the achievement, having completed what we both longing. The challenge is to withstand the adverse conditions of the road and sometimes we wonder, well why do have difficulties? There because the changes represent a danger to our inner sense, i.e. our subconscious mind loves what is known even if conditions are those of a miserable life, he prefers to stay in one place though that bring us some kind of suffering. Perhaps soon we touch ask, well how is it possible that our subconscious mind puting something that brings us suffering? What happens is that the mental programming does not distinguish between good and evil, merely reflects beliefs that we have entered, here is where required great courage and determination, in addition to discovering the secrets of the forces spiritual. To achieve any goal all you need to do is to overcome their negative beliefs or ideas that are not in harmony with what you now want, in the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will find all the relevant aspects in as to the way in which beliefs and how are installed to overcome the inertia of the upkeep of the limiting beliefs, by reading this book you will be able to understand his ideas rooted in his subconscious mind, but the important thing is that you can defeat any circumstance that is away to their wishes and seeking to stop it. From a conscious point of view we are always looking to compel the adverse circumstances and it is a task that helps us, but this can result in a meaningless game, put out the fire that soon reappears and so on, this implies be spinning in a circle, which is totally exhausting. The grand strategy is not efficiently extinguish the fire but find a way to not appear and this only can be achieved if you change from the inside, if you change their beliefs, in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar meets requirements so that a new belief you hold, need a lot of continuous conscious actions to achieve a super integration of internal energy that will drive the changes, similar to a well-constructed building it is necessary that all the pillars are in the right place or otherwise the whole structure is danger, a belief is similar to a building, it is necessary solid foundations in different places. When you know the requirements of the influence of the subconscious mind then there is the opportunity to transform their lives, beliefs always have power, your mission is to obtain good beliefs, for example for those who believe in the prosperity it will cause few efficient actions, while others who do not internally believe will do many more actions with poor results. Remember that to get a good result it is necessary that your beliefs will support that desire, explains Steve Alpizar to achieve this, is a combination of thoughts, actions, and the proper use of the senses.

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