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Avoiding the Flu

In recent years, we have enough flu scare various modifications, so that now, with the onset of the rainy autumn and frosty winter, we begin to think about how to effectively protect against the flu. This is especially true for young children, has not met with the flu and do not have any antibodies to it, any influenzal virus new to them. Of course, it is better to prevent disease, time paying attention to preventing colds and flu than endure the symptoms of the disease, compounded by the fear of complications. And the treatment is reduced to the use of antibiotics and other chemicals that are mixed by the body. Healing one disease, we risk to get more and more difficult. So if you care about your health and the health of their loved ones, you will need an effective tool for preventing influenza. Prevention methods varied, but the safest way – it's natural to resort to high-performance vehicles.

To prevent influenza recommend effective natural products of the International Coral Club, such as: "Coral-Mine," "Microhydrin," "Garlic," "colostrum" and "Bark of the ant tree." Coral-Mine – crushed coral Sango, when lowering the water in which coral get water. This water is easily absorbed by the body, for high activity levels of red blood cells and white blood cells, contains about 70 essential minerals and trace elements in optimal proportions. Coral-Mine reduces the surface tension of water, purifies it from Toxic Substances and alkalify water. Coral Water is a unique natural wellness factor. Microhydrin – the most powerful antioxidant known today. He has a pronounced antiviral activity and creates in the human body unfavorable conditions for virus multiplication, and, simultaneously, greatly enhances the immune system.

Garlic – strengthens the immune system well and has the strongest antimicrobial and antifungal activity. One capsule contains concentrated juice 2.3 heads of garlic. When used there is a faint smell of garlic breath. Colostrum – a source of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, antibodies with a wide range of specific antibodies against the virus. Colostrum has a substantial antiviral activity. The main protective effect of immune factors from colostrum is shown in stomach to the intestine and in the bronchi. Included in the colostrum vitamin A controls the immune system by regulating the synthesis of lymphocytes and antibody production. The bark of the tree-ants made from the bark of this tree has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. Also has immunostimulatory effects. Has a positive effect in treatment of respiratory diseases and inflammatory processes. The present set is not only for the prevention of influenza, but also strengthen the protective systems in general, for both adults and children alike. More fully about the prevention of influenza: The technology is simple and universal. It's easy to do! But it's easy not to do. And to do this or do not – you decide!

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