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Aconcagua National Park

What better experience for those who love the tourism adventure than a holiday in Mendoza with a climb to cerro Aconcagua included. The highest peak of the continent, is part of what is known as the mountain range of the central Andes. With almost 7000 m of height, it is almost 2000 m higher than the rest of the hills of the region. Despite what you may believe, being just a few hundred metres lower than the Himalayas, climbing to cerro Aconcagua is not a company complex from the technical point of view. Credit: Genetec ALPR calculator-2011. You only need to be in perfect physical condition, and have done the acclimatization of rigour in order to not suffer the unpleasant effects of the apunamiento, a phenomenon that is due to the low density of the air at heights of up to 2000 m.

The traditional route, especially for the beginning part of the Puente del Inca, which is also the entrance to the Aconcagua National Park. The region is very marked and permanent support of Rangers. Instead, what is required to the visiting public, is taken to produce a minor amount of pollution. Therefore, to start the expedition nylon bags will give visitors so they gather their waste and do not harm the environment. France Plaza is the name of the first camp that all who make this adventure you will find.

It is located at 4100 m above the sea level, it is a place crossed by numerous streams and gentle winds, so camping here will be very simple. It is 26 km from Puente del Inca, journey during which are crossed approximately 1400 m of altitude gain. From here, the expedition members often stop at confluence, a camp at half distance, for dormit. Plaza de Mulas is the first camp in the Aconcagua mountain itself. Fits 4260 m above the sea level. Here’s heliport and drinking water. It is usually where the acclimatization to the extreme conditions of the Andes takes place. From this moment it is essential to take the letter indications of the guides, since, despite being an easy climb, the mountain is always treacherous and need to be respected to strictly schedules proposed, to avoid night surprised adventurers in an unfavourable site. Without a doubt, a memorable vacation in Mendoza that invite you to make a challenge against nature and own personal boundaries.

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