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Argentinian Economy

Like Cristina Kirchner, Caldern must listen to Town 6 Julio 2009 So questioned is the government of Felipe Caldern who has managed to revive to Partido Institutional Revolucionario (PRI), something that had not imagined nor the own PRI after the defeat of the year 2000 who meant the exit of the power, the one that knew to retain during 71 years. Without doubts, these elections will mark before and later in the Mexican economy. In the previous one, these elections in Mexico were considered decisive for the future of Mexico. The same had happened in Argentina, and in both cases, given to the situation by which they cross these countries, I believe that it must thus be. The electoral results in both countries marked a point of flexion for the conduction of the economic policy. Global value With the acquisition of our report of investment Global Value of July obtains four gratuitous reports to learn to invest.

It can continue reading about this incredible supply launching here. It is not the first time that Argentina and Mexico they share similar economic contexts. In 90s both economies were most similar of the region and both underwent a similar process of flows of capitals. Today also, Argentina and Mexico are united in a fragile economic situation with faults in the national conduction, problems of social violence (in Mexico much more serious) and increase of drug trafficking. And until with the phenomenon of the pig influenza they look like! In the edition of Friday of the Economist, Mauritius Ruby assured: will define the governability in the last part of the presidential term. In yesterday there were 77 Mexican million of that were qualified to vote for the complete renovation of the House of Representatives (500 positions), choosing six new governors, 468 local delegations, 606 municipal city councils, 20 meetings and 16 delegacionales headquarters (departments) of the City of Mexico.

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