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Air Berlin

The company Air Berlin, that occupies the first position in connections between the German market and Fuerteventura, with a 29%, the past announced month of May, that the next summer will maintain the same 200,000 that it supplied the previous year during the summer season, being able to even increase the total number of places in small percentage. The strategies marked by the company in Fuerteventura, will be oriented to the pick up of individual clients like reinforcement on sale of the traditional packages, taking advantage of the diversification the Island in segments like the tourism of golf or the tourism of congresses. The importance of finding formulas that as this will allow to resist the minor spending power who at present has the tourist by means of the impulsion of campaigns of joint promotion, and reaching agreements that assure a flow visitors that moves in a strip similar to the one of the previous seasons. Germany is the first market, and Air Berln” a company that is key for Fuerteventura, as much by the great amount of connections that maintains with the island – up to 14 destinies of three European countries like by the number of routes, that were 1,134 in 2008, only behind Happag Lloyd, that realised 1,364 routes. Air Berlin will connect 14 European cities with Fuerteventura, 11 Germans, two Austrians and one Swiss, having reached this summer a forecast of more than 200,000 supplied aerial places. The total number of routes of the company in Fuerteventura was of 1,134 the past year.

The airports that will count on connection towards east Fuerteventura summer through Air Berlin will be Colony-Bonn, Berlin Tegel, Padeborn, Nremberg, Dresden, Dortmund, Frankfurt, D5usseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig Zurich and Basel. One is the second airline company of Germany, that connects 20 cities of this country with tourist destinies of the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and the Balearics, until a total of 127. At present it counts on a fleet of 125 airships. The agreement of collaboration between the Patronage of Tourism of Fuerteventura and Air Berlin will be oriented in the line to create micro-site in the page a Web of the company that allows to promote and to foment the sale flights towards the Island. Source: Fuerteventura magazine today.

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