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ConfianzPara Covey

Polaroid on the other hand, desboron so that it could not do this, yielding almost completely the photographic market to Canon. Culture of ConfianzPara Covey, the power for decision making represents the combination of communication, education, grant of resources and direction, but it adds that also a culture is needed confidence. Covey has written that where there is no confidence, there is to control the employees, but where there is this culture of confidence, they themselves would supervise themselves. It says; the employees become a source from aid. it establishes a performance agreement, of such form that understands that it is what it is expected of them. Of this form the employees have the freedom sufficient to handle to their needs and duties, fulfilling those of the organization . The technology also has an important roll in the authorized organization, particularly in the increasing tools of social networks, which have abierto new communication channels. Covey sees an immense value in this and for that reason the community online of Stephen Covey sent, in which it has a collection of courses in line, social management of goals and networks, which use to teach their ideas in leadership and present time subjects.

But Covey also notices that the technology can be a sword of double edge. the technology is a good crew member, but an evil master, says. Also it says that it has seen organizations let themselves consume by the technology and that hardly normal interaction between people exists, but that when realizes of which it is really important strategically, technology plays a concrete and important role in the fulfillment of that strategy. It is important to have a technological and human balance to be able to be successful. A company cannot only focus in the technological part so that enabled people are needed to interact with clients, suppliers, etc.

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