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Assembly Packaging

Packaging has become a very important marketing strategy. The product is exalted in order to attract the consumer’s attention. Sometimes the cost of the product can be less than the cost of the packaging in order to attract consumers. Packing should definitely be included in one of the main pillars of marketing. The majority of consumers judge a product by its packaging before buying. Therefore, it is logical that the containers are attractive to get new buyers. Without attractive packaging, which would be the reason for try The first step to entering the market is crushed if the container does not offer anything new.

An attractive packing does not mean to be neglecting the quality either. In fact, all product must be of high quality, to bring the consumer to buy. The conversion of the buyers for the first time in loyal customers should be the main goal of your business and packaging is the door to it. Packing is one of the crucial steps that often is neglected. And if the packing is not attractive, the consumer not the Vera.

If we have succeeded in creating a product of great quality and we have also put an attractive packaging, now we have that everything arrives in perfect condition to our end customer. The process of transfer of the products is one of the stages more delicate, is why that has the packaging and packing to ensure that your product arrives in good condition to its final destination. Any product should be studied so that the product reaches the user in perfect condition. We must take into account weight, dimensions, components, electric, metal, computer if the gasket is of poor quality the result for the final product can be catastrophic, since you can reach the final consumer damaged, and this logically will return. So a bad gasket, you can to result in the failure of a sale. Each packaging must be designed to protect the product in their journey from the Assembly line to the end user. The packaging must comply with the following basic recommendations: 1. should be the product correctly within the container to avoid that move or touch with other productos.2. Treat with anticorrosive ferrous surfaces it is advisable so that the product arrives in perfect condition. 5. Do not fill too each container 6. The marks on the boxes should be minimal.

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