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January Analysis

But the determination of the objective utility includes also aspects such as the assessment of the status of the hotel plant, repair and investment needs, the policies of the country in terms of the recovery of the investment, the pretensions of the owner and their contributions commitments and repayment of loans. The latter in magnitude that is conducive to the interest of new investments. The foregoing expressed mathematically reduce the determination of the percent of utilities to obtain from the target price. Viacom is likely to increase your knowledge. Methodological strategy for the calculation of the target cost in a hotel facility once proposed the analysis of costs will be described phases proposed in the procedure for the determination of the target cost. Phase i.

evaluation of the tourist product offered by the hotel and establishment of the target price. For the evaluation of the tourist product offered by the hotel is part of the study of the market, as well as the characterization of this and its particularities. Do for the establishment of the target price is proceeded in the way that is shown below:? Characterization of the tourist pole. Marketing strategies of the Melia Hotel. Determination of the target price. Phase II. Diagnosis of the current situation. Detailed analysis of the results.

A study covering 4 years must be for the establishment of the current costs. The operational characteristics of the touristic pole marked seasonality, reflected in two seasons, high winter and low in the majority of the summer months. This makes the objective cost analysis be performed within the framework of these seasons and in the present work we propose to make the calculation for the high season taking into account the months of January to April, August, November and December. This calculation and this differentiation is very important to the design or layout of strategies, enabling the hotel to achieve reductions of the indicator results costs, which will result in an elevation of its efficiency and paves the way to business excellence.

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