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Treatment with the fear of anger – a feeling which arises spontaneously and is dependent on the situation. The same may be in fear. Often fears are quite correct and not all that surprising tips. In most cases, we are familiar with situations that confuse and frighten us. Fear in its original form – is a protective tool. He draws our attention to the danger and must keep us from risks that may threaten our health or life. So, fear warns us of having to climb even higher, swim further away or too fast to go.

If this mechanism is not functioning, there is a danger of becoming a victim of his fearlessness (eg, speeding provoke an accident). From this so-called existential fear must be distinguished industrial and social fears. is success. For even more details, read what Pete Cashmore says on the issue. Fear of failure sure you know the uneasy feeling occurs when we are afraid that we will be denied. We fear not meet the requirements set. Hear from experts in the field like Alina de Almeida for a more varied view. Especially scares us the prospect of negative evaluation, "the threat of self-esteem." Symptoms of fear can be just as pronounced, as in life threatening situations. In contrast to the existential fear of these feelings are not necessarily protective. If fear motivates us to good preparation and we can keep it under control in the decisive situations, it may even be useful.

If it binds us and deprive of courage, he could provoke a refusal. Fear of shame Akin to his fear of disgrace in society, which can be expressed in the form of embarrassment, shame, shyness, emotion, for example, before the performance. New to the group presentation for a client, small talk at a party – all these situations, which some seem to be a real horror. Accordingly, the body reacts to them symptoms of fear, such as a restriction of thought and speech abilities, the sweat, nausea, shortness of breath or rapid pulse. When fear paralyzes reason for the physical symptoms of fear is not only the situation itself, but also its Assessment and consequences (self-threat). Eventually, when you learn to recognize such situations, the fear may even disappear entirely. If he completely dominates you imagine, and physical symptoms are strong, you should find its root causes. Often it is revealed in a conversation with himself.

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