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Brazil: Environmental Strategy

It is anticipated that, the new millenium, with the world-wide shortage of the water, this precious liquid goes merit more than petroleum. Nevertheless, in Brazil, a 80% of the sewage system are cleared in rivers, Lagos and springs. Without treatment of sewage system and sweepings control, coastal cities choke the San Francisco river. Who plays sweepings in the Arrudas or the river of the Old women nor knows that the San Francisco river exists says Jorge Almeida, president of the Small New NGO. Celebrated jurist Antnio Herman Youngest child observes: Brazil still gives to the first passages in the search of the making compatible between economic growth and protection of the environment. Of Monograph AC and Investigation in environmental right Our 500 years of history are in favor noticeable to iron (first, the axe, later, the tractors and power saws) and fire (the burned ones and, more recently, the uncontrolled chimneys). Throughout that period, we were enslaved of the distorted vision of the nature-enemy (faucet of the author).

Gladly, not-governmental organizations and the civil society outlines reactions. The Order of the Lawyers of Brazil, section Minas Gerais, insurgi-if against the pollution of rivers in the Ant-MG region, where, in 1999 July, three points of clandestine egg-laying of materials used inside vehicles of the montadora of FIAT automobiles were shortages. Also it required to the Regional Procuradoria of the Republic measured administrative and judicial against the license of installation of the hydroelectric factory of Itapebi, granted by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources Renewable IBAMA, to the bahiana company Itapebi Generation of Energy. The initiative will be implanted in the Jequitinhonha River, fellow to the mining municipality of Jump of Divisa, threatening the Cascade of Tumbo of the Smoke. We read in the newspaper Been of Mines: Still in front of the sad scene of destruction of our florestas and degradation of the quality of our ground, water and air, we are reacting.

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