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2,3 Strategies emergent and deliberated Being overcome as base the studies of Mintzberg (2000) the companies can develop its strategical composition in two ways: the call deliberate strategy and emergent strategy. The deliberate strategies are those originated in the forecasts of the plan. While the emergent strategies are not fruits of any planned forecast. In the deliberate strategy the organization anticipates the events of the competitive environment and elaborates a previous plan of action to answer to the challenges (chances and threats) adequately and to accomplish the maximizao of the results. Crow Holdings. From the proposal of deliberated strategy, originated in the top of the organization, the planning appears strategical, through analysis and evaluation behavior of the market, establishing forms and resources to activate the actions in anticipated way. The emergent strategy suggests action autonomy, that sends the absence of a plan, or a disagreement with the existing plan, being able to appear of a necessity of action, or fast reaction, and of the forecast inexistence. In the companies of services, as in the education institutions it is very common.

The degree established for the conception of the emergency or deliberalidade can vary as the segment where the company acts, as well as the intensity of the dispute between the competitors. The emergent strategies, as Mintzberg (2000), are identified in certain types of organizations, called ' ' adhocracia' ' , recently classified as ' ' inovadoras' ' , that they have the property to congregate specialists in teams for specific projects. If the proposal of the company is to search the innovation, hardly the results will be anticipated. The evolution of the proposal will happen of continuous form, always pautada in the shared decisions. Carrying to the marketing decisions, in the sector of services of ample form, and in the institutions of education of more restricted form, the strategical construction with bigger musculatura meets in the emergent processes, where the interference of some levels is very common.

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