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Capitalist Society

Manifesto of I repudiate the exploratria capitalist society To each day that if passes creates a new tool that this form modern of escravizao will destroy, ' ' capitalismo' '. In the cultural development, population politician and of then Brazil, the escravizao of many is necessary to supply the necessities of the colony. What it would explain after 500 years of development, to keep us on a new reformularization of the slavery? But remembering that the expense that one Sir farmer had for each comparative slave our currency, it would be today the R$1500,00 real for month, then we see families surviving with real needy amounts of R$540,00 for month! The only difference of the time of black slavery with the current days is that to the end of the hours of working, we are allowed by law to come back particular ours senzala. Completely we are dominated by an ideology of competition in the work market, the technology of the industries remove vacant of the market, making with that the worker ' ' sobrevivente' ' it has accepted any type of job, this that generally divided in parts, the power of reasoning of the same removes, and it becomes (as Marx said to it) ' ' mentally ill of the fruit of its trabalho' '. That is, this system of capitalist production does not remove only the money of the person, but it removes intelligence, the pride that would have in being a professional in what it makes, also removes the freedom, since in the majority of the companies the worker is submitted what they call overtime, but that in the truth who is not submitted does not keep as ' ' colaborador' '. Repudiation the way where they had transformed the mentality human being, transforming to all into egoistic and individualistic people. Where each one for itself operates triumphant and it does not have concern with the next one.

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