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Openness, confidence and excellent preparation (Melanie Vogel / women & work) 80% of all buying decisions are made by women. They represent half of the world’s population and deserve but considerably less than men – though company credibly assure that women and men equal pay. Now, what is the truth? The statistics are fake, talk the company existing injustices beautiful or is the cause for the women themselves to looking for salary differences, much less frequently than men ask for a raise? Simone Denzler, journalist and head of communication at Equal Pay Day, sees multiple causes for the unequal pay between men and women. The pay difference between women and men for years at about 23 percent. Even with equal qualifications and activities women earn 8 percent on average less than men.

Women work however more frequently in areas where the level of charges is lower and you must always notice, that typical women’s jobs are worse evaluated and paid.” And with or without a family and career interruption, women too often fail to contact sent in salary negotiations. Modesty is not a virtue in salary negotiations, because it causes the journalist, that women pay settle with a lower salary particularly, because they often don’t know what make men in a similar position with similar qualifications, white. Lack of transparency”, criticized it, and advises to do so, that women not geared at the information about existing salaries to the usually lower salaries of other women, but the salaries of men in comparable positions. “Cecile Dutheil Taimanglo, HR Directorin of Eaton industries GmbH, has put together”Five keys to success”, the women help to prepare optimally for the salary negotiation: 1 key: the preparation phase here is not about the question what do I want?” or what I’d like? “, but my value in the market for a defined position, in a specific industry or sector, or in a selected region.” While the skills and the potential that I today and tomorrow can offer an employer as a candidate and potential employee is crucial.

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