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Clavinova Yamaha

Yamaha Clavinova – the digital piano for professionals and beginners a Yamaha Clavinova, a masterpiece by Yamaha, and for over 25 years. A Clavinova is characterized mainly by its function as a normal piano, because the technique is the small but fine difference between a Clavinova and a piano. The Clavinova is a digital piano, which can digitally produce all the sounds of the piano and play. The convincing advantage here is that a Clavinova is not as time consuming as a regular piano, because you don’t need a Clavinova votes.In addition to the technical advantages, the Clavinova offers also a personal advantage, because it takes up too much space and is harmoniously integrated in your existing facility. It is also perfect for use as a learning tool, as the Clavinova provides a clear and tangible good keypad, which can positively influence the learning effect.The processing is very high quality and the finished Clavinova Yamaha on any production error was investigated several times.

Technically is a Clavinova updates on the latest, because it offers in addition to its function as a digital piano also select of other sounds, which can easily include them in their works. Even the function of a multitrack recording or replaying recorded songs waits a larger model. Also, the various Clavinovas in many different designs are available which give the device an individual character. The election are piano lacquer, mahogany, rosewood, polished mahogany and polished ebony. A Clavinova offers so rather than a normal piano and probably even more than they expected, because Yamaha is the market leader among the manufacturers of digital piano for 25 years. As a small Tip: On various video platforms many interesting videos about Clavinova can be found, here you can find many videos of Clavinovas in action so that you can even check the unique and high-quality sound and hear sample.

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