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International Conference

8 International theatre festival Marrakech the menu of the 5th Edition of this festival, typically held during the month of may, includes an International Conference animated by eminent Moroccan and foreign professors, round tables and workshops. The event welcomes invariably to theatre companies of countries around the world, such as Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, France, Belgium, Serbia, Sudan, Monaco or Italy. Each edition of this festival is dedicated to a leading figure in the Moroccan theater to celebrate the lives dedicated to the progress and dissemination of dramaturgy as well. 9. International festival of University Theatre of Marrakech this festival’s programme is very varied and original. Held in November 2008, the 2nd Edition of this University cultural event includes dance, comedy and drama represented by College and professional companies goings of France, Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Russia and Switzerland, as well as several young local troupes and national Moroccans. Round tables, conferences and workshops complete the attractive offer of this festival.

10 International film festival of Marrakech (FIFM) the FIFM is the premier event dedicated to the seventh art of Morocco and, possibly, throughout the African continent, as well as the demonstration cultural more important and glamorous of the ochre city. The festival usually takes place in November or December and celebrates its 9th Edition in 2009. The event brings together celebrities from the world of cinema from around the world and its jury includes directors, comedians, producers, screenwriters, writers and personalities of cinema international. The FIFM is chaired by Prince Moulay Rachid and projected and awarded the gold star to all kinds of movies and short films from around the world. So, as you can see, the Marrakech festival-goers scene is varied and of great quality, as well as one of the many attractions that the city offers. In order to fully enjoy your festive experience, choose among the best hotels in Marrakech or one of the lovely riads in Marrakesh and will no doubt have an unforgettable festival-goers of the ochre city.

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