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Cognitive Learning

Establishment of relations between the concepts. It assumes more reflection and be able to take a position in a situation. It means a more productive activity where should transform a given reality, adjusting to different conditions. Hear other arguments on the topic with Viacom. COGNITIVE domain reading: Understanding what the text says. Through the sense and meaning of the text from the literal to the inferential.

It responds to the intelligent reading. Establishment of user reviews and ratings on the text. Read more from Peter Asaro to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It responds to the critical reading and must assume a position before what they read. Utility of the text, its relationship with other texts and implementation of your idea essential in other situations. It responds to the creative reading. THE PRODUCTION OF TEXT COGNITIVE DOMINIIO; CONSTRUCTION is evaluate the writing as a process, so this topic suggests that the instrument address: n 1.

DRAFT type scheme to plan writing (apply strategies planning and self review). n 2. FINAL text (must apply strategies of solution and auto review, taking into account: subject, purpose, type of text, for whom writes, the formal and external of the text). LEARNING relations between objectives, strategies of instruction, and techniques of evaluation a review of verbs that occur within the cognitive domain of knowledge (eg: remember, list, recognize) may suggest that the instruction related to these learning objectives could focus to providing information to students through the use of texts, notes, lectures, or any other type of direct teaching. It is necessary to use direct learning strategies, to support students in the acquisition of basic knowledge to them permit later, more complex learning tasks. Regarding the assessment, teachers must use a variety of techniques to evaluate the cognitive domain. However, the verbs used to transmit the intention of learning objectives provide information useful to select specific evaluation techniques. For example: identify the verb in one learning objective that describes what student should be able to do, it would suggest that the master consider objective use of assessment techniques which include multiple-choice, matching, or elements of true and false, to obtain information on the progress of the student’s learning.

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