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Through our physical growth we have been experiencing on the scope, impact defense mechanisms that generate and which oblige us to be attentive as manifested and how must najar them in order to not affected our personality, conduct, behavior. Several theoreticians of psychoanalysis have been studying defense mechanisms, among them Anna Freud (1966) which identified up to 9 mechanisms that the self can be used to stop the anxiety. The truth, that for those who have proposed the opportunity that they have been granted living this plane with this physical form and its heritage of traits that have defined his personality and has given way to manifest their conduct, behavior, should already know to appreciate what they represent defense mechanisms, that as Wikipedia reminds us so-called defense mechanisms are not reasoned psychological mechanisms that reduce the consequences of a stressful event, so that the individual tends to continue operating normally. As history notes, that defense mechanisms they were proposed within psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud both by others as Karl Abraham, but have already entered to the common wealth of psychology in general. The American Psychiatric Association, most recently, them has picked up on a scale of defense mechanisms in the DSM-IV and DSM-IV-TR of the American Psychiatric Association, as axis Diagnostics for further studies, and has given them the alternate nickname of coping strategies. A variety of authors set out their points of view about the role of defense mechanisms. Arthur Staats has recently proposed that defense mechanisms involve the operation of complex language repertoires so that they reduce the negative emotionality that, otherwise, the person would experience. The apuntesuniversidad.com. on the subject provides, which take account of defense mechanisms to receive this name due to a series of methods or techniques that we use all persons in order to avoid distress or anxiety that produce us frustrations the conflicts of our psyche.

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