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Color Chromotherapy

Today many people in Russia use whirlpool baths as it is in the first place, healthy, and secondly, it was affordable. Destination spa hydromassage – a water treatment at which the human body are massaged by water jets of water high pressure. This procedure combines the effects of temperature, hydrostatic effect of the water bath, which is held whirlpool, and an additional mechanical irritation of the skin with water. To date, this hydropathic at home, contributing to the neutralization of stress, reduce pain, strengthen tissues, restore skin elasticity. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. Medical aspects of the hydro massage effect reflected in a reduction of anxiety, depression, improving health, activity and mood. These effects are very important, firstly, the treatment of many diseases, and secondly, to removing unfavorable 'stress' effects of various environmental factors.

Baths are designed so that water jets were working on those areas of the body, which is not counter the full force of massage: back, lumbar and pelvic area, collar zone, calves and feet. Water conducts heat 28 times better than air, which accelerates the heat exchange with the human body and improves superficial blood circulation. Learn more on the subject from charles koch. Chromotherapy: Light + Color Chromotherapy – treatment of light and color. You may wish to learn more. If so, koch brothers is the place to go. Colors are a man stimulating, while adjusting the state of our consciousness, producing different effects on the body, in accordance with the chromatic level created by electrochemical reactions occurring from the collision of light in our field of vision. This is due to full coverage of the human body with light, repeatedly deflected and focused in natural lenses.

Caring for whirlpool bath to avoid losing luster acrylic baths must be cleaned with a soft cloth made of microfiber with the use of detergents for acrylic and Teflon products. Excludes the use of detergent with abrasive particles ('Pemolyuks', etc.), ammonia, acetone or any solvent. Deposits on the surface in the form of lime are removed with a soft cloth moistened with lemon juice or wine vinegar. Cleaning whirlpool system should held about once a week b as follows: – to fill the bathtub with warm water – dilute liquid detergent (in accordance with the method of application, statement of detergent), and run hydromassage about 5 minutes. (To fill the bathtub with water disinfection t – 20 C, add water, 1.5 liters of 7% solution of bleach or disinfectant) – then turn off the whirlpool system and let stand for water 10 minutes – drain the water from the bath – to re-fill the bathtub with water, and to include Jacuzzi for 5 minutes – drain and rinse tub with clean water.

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