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How To Wake Up Energetic And Remain So Throughout The Day

Every day we wake up to go to work every day very difficult for us to do this, do not open your eyes, the muscles are flabby, you want to lie down and sleep. Probably all familiar situation. Change it! In order to quickly wake up without prejudice to the body, after the immediate wake, has not yet opened his eyes, lying "stretch, stretch all your muscles, do it 1-2 times, often only one, that you bring them in tone. At the Ear Rights are a huge number of points that project or that body, so after stretching, the tips of your fingers to rub them on the edges. Do this several times to his ears "tanned". Thus, you activate the function of internal organs. Next, saturate the brain with oxygen.

To do this you will need for 20-30 seconds to take short quick breaths nose (1 second is approximately 1.5 breaths), thereby creating hyperventilation and oxygenated brain cells. Total 1-1,5 minute you stepped up the main body systems to work, you can now get up. Believe me, after the first times you will feel cheerful. Then we need to prepare our digestive system. For this elementary drink a glass of clean water at a comfortable temperature in one gulp. In general, much more useful to drink water not just clean, but also useful, to which honey is and melt water, but more on that later. Eat better then at least half an hour. It’s believed that Mikkel Svane sees a great future in this idea.

Exercise. No need to overdo it here, your body is not ready to make a simple workout for the major muscle groups, no more than 5 minutes. We nearly produced his physical body to an active day. It remains to "disperse" the blood around the body. And for that that's right, douche. On its benefits are many states, because he, literally, coached by our vessels, causing them to shrink it, then expand what has Curative effect on the whole body. And, of course, you will add strength and energy from the very beginning of the day. The physical body is ready. We now turn to the spiritual, not less important. After all, the mood and attitude depends on many things. To do this, stand at the open window (or window, if cold) is better on the sunny side, arms down, palms are directed toward the light. Close your eyes, slowly making the breath imagine that with him in your body comes to radiant energy, and exhale – leaves a dirty, dark. Mentally say hello to a new day, sun, sky, trees Thank life for this new day. Wish all people good, peace and happiness. Ask for forgiveness from the people for their negative thoughts and emotions toward them. And forgive people for their negative attitude towards you. Intentionally did not write here the specific phrase, since better than the man himself, no one will not do. Think for yourself. Most importantly, these words were sincere. Wait for several minutes, as you seem to be sufficient, take a deep breath, exhale, open your eyes, smile. Done! Now you are fully ready, you are charged with vital energy for the whole day! Important! Proved that a person gets used to any action within 21 days, during which time the habit. Therefore, to constantly "be in the form and feel on all the positive aspects of the energy morning awakening, you need to do this every day for at least a specified number of days.

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