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Activities in which students use the foreign language applying to situations must be designed with the aim of developing linguistic competence, more real potential, activating prior knowledge to address the solution of each problem. Thus, elaborate strategies that then they can be transferred to new situations, thus producing an appropriation of the foreign language by each student and pupil. English teaching based on core competencies in order to facilitate the understanding of this teaching methodology, below are some examples of activities that will facilitate the linguistic immersion of students. To do so, has been chosen the context of an airport, since in almost all countries of the world information is available both in the local language and in English. At all times, the task of the teacher is the facilitator who will guide the students at their request, but only in the form of temporary scaffolding and never translated to the Spanish. Activities suggested for motivating videos of accelerated learning in the English classroom 1st presentation, you begin to question the stereotypes you have from the learning of the English language. 2Nd. realization of a questionnaire is interactive, using tools such as Moodle, about the contents (words and phrases) that should dominate to cope in an airport in an English speaking country.

3 Rd we will visit various websites of airports in English speaking countries so that with the help of a dictionary of travel, translated and recorded in tables of accelerated learning of English (following the method proposed by the world record holder in memorizing Ramon Campayo) those terms essential to cope in an airport. 4Th including small videos of situations at airports so that students become familiar with the idioms that can take place in the interactions you make at the airport and she must register those that seem to be essential. 5Th including how-to videos to make students aware of the instrument C-map, in order to develop a semantic map that involves the vocabulary and expressions selected, relating these and categorizing them to facilitate their integration, and accompanying image (using the Berltiz method) to better secure the concepts.

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