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Psychosomatic Origin

Wikipedia has an exact definition and needs the term: defines as psychosomatic upheaval that one that having psychological origin, presents/displays physiological symptoms that can produce alterations at corporal level. One talks about then the physical pains that have the people who are not produced by an organic disease but as a result of psychological problems that In main lines derives in a physical pain, traditional psychology raises in these cases works of mental-behavioural therapy at several levels, the one intervention on the agent that is bringing about the stress (the pair, the family, the work), two the modification of the dysfunctional cognitions (to change the form in which the person observes the problem) and three, strategies of relaxation after the recognition of the estresante agent before it is triggered. Nevertheless, other techniques present exist than in the last decade they are spreading anywhere in the world. Although still they are at experimental level already are many psychologists use who them in their consultations with patients who arrive afflicted from pains or physical problems without their doctors have found an origin physiological. I am talking about to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technics) a self-help technique that has been demonstrated effective in the 80 percent of the cases in that it is used, many of them with physical pains psychosomatic origin. If still you do not know the prescription basic EFT, can descargarte a manual of gratuitous use in. Questionnaire for the physical pains psychosomatic origin Rue Hass, one of the great world-wide experts in EFT, works with those clients who go to their consultation declaring that they suffer of chronic pains raising this questionnaire to them You feel tight and restricted all along? You feel that the weight of everything what there is to your around is on your shoulders? Some times you yearn for: If it only could be the one who I am in fact Some times you have the sensation of which samples an image of that you really are not? Sometimes you feel that the rest of the world is disoriented, and that you know what they need, but nobody does case to you? Perhaps you do not dare to say to him to the others what you think in case you think that you are rare? You would like to be more visible for the world? but something within you shouts It holds! ,You will not be out of danger! The others will not understand! perhaps you have even fallen ill, or perhaps you suffer emotional Perhaps pain or physical chronic you remain prote’ge’ in house, like hidden, or in a little rewarding work.

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