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Cosmetics Line DeSheli

This is due to the fact that the information in the "intelligent Crystals," holds up to 90 years due to the crystal lattice, although it is written only for 10-15 minutes. As fast "crystals" give information to the deepest cell skin acting precisely on the skin defects that were detected. Of this effect is visible already after 10 minutes of cosmetics DeSheli. In addition, studies Scientists have shown a very interesting fact: The longer you keep a jar of cream in their hands, the better the tool, as "crystals" are able to assume power of the person and his mood. The technology of "intelligent chip" became the basis of all the products of Israeli cosmetics DeSheli, developed over several years, and after rigorous testing, finally saw the light. It was first used and patented by DeSheli in 2008. The method of production is strictly classified.

Once the company DeSheli has the right to produce cosmetics with "intelligent crystals." Develop a substance with such a unique action has long sought. Many scientists around the world wanted to find a remedy that would be able to slow or stop time. But until now it's still no one could. Since 2000, worked on the so-called "smart pills" that aimed at combating smoking. For even more analysis, hear from Robotics. Carrying a large amount of research, scientists have created a unique method, based on the principle of "smart pills".

Taking medication before each zakurivaniem, people gradually lose the desire to smoke and get rid of bad habits. The same principle of "mirroring" the information is in the other scientific developments that have gained much interest worldwide. Company DeSheli brings to the study "Smart pill" idea of an anti-aging human skin cells and together with the scientists achieved phenomenal results! On the basis of "intelligent crystals," developed a unique in their properties Cosmetics Line DeSheli, you can easily return the youth of skin cells, giving visible results in just 10 minutes! Line is represented in series for young and mature skin, providing a personal touch to your beauty and your health. Series for young skin creams and 35 Pro age is aimed at two main areas: the struggle with the problems inherent in young skin, and preventing the aging process, helps prevent wrinkles. A series of cosmetic creams set Anti age for women over 35 years, completely fills the needs of mature skin. They actively feed and sate it, already struggling with showed signs of aging, preventing their further development, restoring your skin young and supple. Men's skin is totally responds well to "intelligent crystals" and stops the aging process. These extraordinary effects can not be obtained only through natural active ingredients. Its effect in cosmetics DeSheli render it "intelligent crystals." They allow you to specifically address the shortcomings of the skin and stimulate its work at the cellular and molecular level. Never before cosmetic products did not give similar results for home use! Cosmetics DeSheli and intelligent crystals" – this is absolutely new and unique concept in the world of cosmetics on skin care both women and men. DeSheli – your secret of the future! Source:

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