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Effective Management Consider Dependence

We add that the real work of a leader again and again underlines the critical need for leadership to make change happen, and provides vicarious experiences and positive role models for leaders to emulate. According to Kotter, the main lesson that emerges from the most successful cases is that the process of change goes through a series of phases that, taken together, usually time-consuming. A second lesson is that the errors committed in any process can have disastrous effects and annular progress hard. MOST COMMON ERRORS. u not enough to awaken a sense of urgency. (As opposed to Kai-Fu Lee).

not create a sufficiently powerful guiding coalition. Lack of vision not communicate the vision even superficially. u not remove obstacles to the new vision. No plan, no cause intermediate progress systematically. u declare victory prematurely. u not to anchor the changes in corporate culture.

Power, Dependence and Effective Management Consider that the successful managers solve the problem of dependency on others realizing it, eliminating or avoiding unnecessary dependence and establishing authority over those others. Good managers then used that power to help them plan, organize, appoint personnel, budgeting, evaluating, etc.. That is to say: “The fact that the dependence is inherent in managerial positions explains why the dynamics of power necessarily an important part of management processes “To properly handle the relations dependence inherent in their positions, effective managers establish, increase or maintain four different types of power over others . Having possession of any of these classes, gives the manager the ability to influence not only when necessary, on those who depend, but also to prevent any of this hurt you.

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