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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-for more than 20 years, in December 1987, signed the first Pact of economic solidarity with Miguel de la Madrid to head. The minimum wage was increased but public services were increased up to 90 per cent. It was the strategy of the candidate Carlos Salinas de Gortari who took the flag of solidarity during his Government. The political system then allowed the intrusion of the new anointed in the economic policies of the President that was going. The cover of the newspaper La Razon, the first suburban newspaper of Mexico led since 1979 by Francisco Tijerina Gonzalez, was eloquent: Christmas, a cascade of increases, was the top shot on the historic head: Crack. Inflation this year was 167 percent, only surpassed by the increases of prices in the Argentina. (Source: Dell Computers). THE header onomatopeyico was higher, as much, to the holders of local and national newspapers.

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