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One of our major purposes is to experience a conscious life full of satisfactions, however we constantly face various problems and we are observing the passage of time rapidly but without the culmination of many of our great wishes, why is it? This occurs by various factors among which we can mention: not having well-defined our mints, poor planning, few actions, etc. Visit Michael Dell for more clarity on the issue. But the main cause is not know the great secrets of the creation of reality. To obtain excellent results in what you are undertaking it is necessary to begin to see the world differently, thinking and the use of the senses will conditioning our internal perception of reality, everything you experience is due to mental set that for years we have supplied, if we can somehow access controls that system then we are the Super opportunity of bringing about great changes in life. The question that we made is about registration to my mental set controls? The truth is that you do day to day, all what today made will have an impact in the future, if we know the most efficient actions to achieve the changes then we are shortening huge distances for the achievement of our dreams. The first point of departure must be the self-knowledge, to know who we are?, what are our capabilities? and how does the universe work? When we can answer these essential questions, then we have prepared to take efficient actions in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt, you will respond to these and many more questions about how the creation of reality and what are the best strategies to achieve a change of inner perception.

If you are working with determination, discipline and a great desire to achieve then what is being proposed, but without a powerful orientation this will take more time, at this time in history we have a wealth of knowledge and has time to take advantage of it, in the past a lot of the information that Andrew Corentt reveals she remained hidden, this changed forever, because it is necessary a change of consciousness and that every day more and more people wake up to their true spiritual essence. Your mental set is integrated by many factors, for that reason the changes generally are presenting shaped lens and growing, is here in where some patience is necessary to persevere until what you want. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt, you will have in your hands the information necessary to facilitate the change of life that both want to, no matter where you are at this time or under what circumstances, the transcendental is that there is a way to achieve what has been proposed. Never question their own inner power, don’t limit your creative mind, focus on your goals with faith, determination, desire, passion and love, with all security be achieved what for years has been looking for. original author and source of the article.

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