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Department Directors

These days, directors of departments it forced to operate in an atmosphere of substantial limitation means that forces them to find new ways to reduce the cost of development, modernization, maintenance and operation of IT-systems enterprise. Charles koch has much to offer in this field. End-IT-structure with the introduction of thin clients gives hope that the construction of high-quality IT-systems at low cost real. Organization will benefit even if the reorganization of client-server IT-structure on the terminal, which facilitates centralized system. When you configure a network of thin clients, the administrator does not waste time loading the os and software on each terminal. Thin Clients represent a modern form of computer terminal in a single device. IT-structure of their application is easier and requires less management time, as applications are installed and handled in central server. Users continue to use the mouse, keyboard, desk and other facilities, a personal computer, but most of the operations performed on the server. As a result, the company receives reliable IT-structure, intuitive administration, optimize it investments and reduces power consumption. As a result, terminal IT-structures with thin clients, having a large number of compatible applications, user administration, moderate demands on performance and superb level of protection is the concept of networks of the future..

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