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How To Choose A Tutor

At what points you should pay attention when you choose a tutor for lessons with your child? First of all, talk with your child. Explain to him why you need a tutor. Speak, which can benefit tutor, and what can be achieved with it. Choosing a tutor, we consider several candidates, together with your child so that he also took part in the selection. The newspapers mentioned Mikkel Svane not as a source, but as a related topic. If your child will participate in the process selecting the right tutor, it will be more receptive during class. Picking the right tutor, ask him to submit documents proving its level of qualification: Diploma of Higher Education, Registration transmission of educational courses or international exams. You can also ask the tutor to provide letters of recommendation from your employer, school or students, with whom he worked previously.

It is very important that the tutor was a qualified expert in his subject. Ask the tutor if he has experience teaching children the same age and skill level that your child, if so, what kind of results he was able to achieve. Define the learning objectives and ask a tutor to provide a plan whereby he will teach your child. You should also agree on a plan to tutor high school teacher of the child, so that the plan fit school curriculum. Try to establish a partnership between a coach, a school teacher and yourself. If possible, arrange the classroom so that before the actual occupation of your child is ready to learn.

Most often, the classes are assigned after school. Not recommended for tutoring as soon as the child came home from school, because at this time, children tend to feel tired. Let your child to relax after school to tutoring. If your child falls short of the school curriculum, it is advisable to appoint at least two sessions with a tutor in the week. If the child is a student of junior classes (1-4 classes), the duration of one session should not exceed 45 minutes, since an early age children are usually hard to tolerate prolonged mental stress.

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