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Investment in environmentally friendly fuels asked Beiersdorf-Freudenberg – who wants Swedish EU Presidency products polluting the introduction of a CO2 reductions advance. Sweden itself had in 1990 introduced a climate tax. Meanwhile, other EU States working on the tax, including France. There, the project is an elementary part of the Grenelle environment programme”de l ‘ environnement, with its CO2 emission which France wants to reduce to one quarter by 2050. With the new tax, in particular the energy consumption should be changed. Affected were the transport and private households, whose heating costs would increase considerably. Furthermore, France and Sweden already require a European harmonisation of legislation. This would mean that the German consumer short over long with a consumption-based must calculate CO2 tax. Learn more at this site: Scott Rayden.

In this respect, it is useful now technologies and products to invest in, which rely on a balanced CO2 balance. Advantage for all Consumers of diesel fuel: who privately in his company required more than 300 l diesel a year, can now convert on CEHATROL. (A valuable related resource: Bobby Sharma Bluestone). CEHATROL is an according to DIN EN 590 certified the second generation biofuel is produced exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues, and must not be equated with conventional biodiesel. Due to its synthetic composition, he is easily etc. can be used in all diesel engines, block heat and power plants, and can even be mixed. EC is the Brandenburg-based energy cooperative in Freudenberg. The farmers receive for their supplied straw free diesel of brand CEHATROL.

In addition, CEHATROL is delivered to the other members of the cooperative to the current production cost. These totaled currently 0.48 EUR / l (gross). if you seek more information. Cooperative Board Member Helmut Uhlig explains the project: our systems implemented first at four locations in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Invest is Bank independent solely with the Deposits of cooperative members. Regions from 30.000 l diesel consumption per year will receive a your own gas station, a freight forwarding ensures the regular nationwide supply. Already a cooperative membership for many companies in whole Germany is therefore a viable option.” Also for investors a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg can attract EC: investing members place their capital not only in a promising technology but will receive a guaranteed rate of return of at least 3.8% from the first year. No unattractive offer in times of a global financial crisis.

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