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Diana Fontanez

Now I know the reason and keep myself firm and consistent in paid advertising, which gives step to the following 6. I measure everything! Here is where many fail. They invest in a newsletter but do not know where the client did. They invest in advertising and do not know if you purchased was through advertising. In the end.

They do not measure their advertising, free or paid activities. I measure everything! Since my assistant that distributes my articles up to the places where I put my articles, partnerships with others and my newsletter. All mido because my time is money and if the strategy does not rule out it. Results of my investment? 12% Of those who see my Facebook ad clicks. 24% Of those who visit the landing page register to the newsletter. 50% Of those who enroll end up buying.

In summary: if I invest $100, I make $200. If I invest $1,000 $2,000 I. This is excellent! Of course. Now you just have to further modify to increase the percentages in all areas. That’s advertising. If it is worth selling it, it is worthwhile to measure it is my motto. But I confess: I still feel fear, but with this information in my hands I feel liberated because I know that what reverse will recover it if I measure it. You don’t like to do the same? Can be 100% sure of that, when you invest in advertising, will know with certainty the results obtained? Because everything is a system, and so you wonder how create an effective advertising campaign? What them? you say on the landing page to take action? What do you do to make as many people buy what you’re selling? And how you reduce advertising costs? That is my new one hour private Coaching service. Visit this link now and let me guide you toward more customers with fewer expenses advertising and fast results.

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