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Samsung Galaxy

He covered Gorilla Glass mineral glass and is equipped with all possible sensors, including a highly sensitive gyroscope. A program for processing images is to say thank proprietary mDNIe (Mobile Digital Natural Image engine). The era of NFC Samsung I-9100 Galaxy S II continues the company's tradition of innovation. This is the first company to market a model with NFC chip on board. Near Field Communication – technology wireless high short-range communication. This technology has a great future, the a simple example – such a device can replace a proximity card for use in transport or charge card for mobile payments. Of course, not forgotten and the gentleman's set of modern masthead communicator.

Bluetooth module here is version 3.0, Wi-Fi operates at high speed via 'n' (High Speed). GPS navigation map uses pre-Google Maps and armed with a digital compass for those places where not caught by satellites. Unmatched power dual-core processor with 3D accelerator, 2 times faster than its predecessor, is 5 times the speed of the graphics and faster loading of 30% of Internet sites. This is the result of the new dual-core processor Exynos 4210 (Orion, Cortex-A9) with 1 GHz, a record in the class of RAM (1 GB) and a powerful quad-graphics. The device can play any 1080p FullHD video codecs DivX, XviD and H.264 hardware accelerated integrated graphics accelerator. He is responsible for drawing the Flash graphics on the web. To store files used 16 GB of memory stack.

FullHD 8.1Mp camera and feature Face Recognition Unlock No need to carry a camera or camcorder when you have a new Samsung Galaxy C2 i9100 16GB. It is equipped with one of the best in class 8.1 megapixel camera with autofocus, face recognition system, smiles, electronic image stabilization and function geometok. In difficult lighting conditions help out long-range LED flash. In addition to beautiful photographs, the camera can shoot high quality video with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. A novelty of the market is a function of unlocking the device to identify the owner faces (Face Recognition Unlock). Front 2 megapixel camera recognizes facial features and compares them to the programmed contour, if the person is the same, the device is unlocked. To do this, do not even need to press anything, just to activate the screen. Online shop mobile phones

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