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DOSBox is a CPU emulator, not just a compatibility layer as DOSEMU or DOS virtual machines with Windows and OS / 2, using the possibilities of virtualization Intel 80386 processor family. Does not require an x86 processor or a copy of MS-DOS or other DOS to run, and can run games that require the CPU is in real mode or protected mode.
Dynamic CPU cores: In systems that have the i386 instruction set using a dynamic translation of instructions. In systems that are not compatible with the x86 is a full emulation, which slows down the emulation so important. A 1.6 GHz PowerPC G4 is able to emulate a system 486 at a speed of 50 Mhz to emulate standard hardware, while only a Pentium III x86 much slower to reach the same speed.
Graphics Emulation: Text mode, Hercules, CGA (including composite and 160x100x16 mode changed), EGA, VGA (including the X mode and other changes), and VESA emulation of the S3 Trio 64.
Sound emulation: Adlib, speaker system, Tandy, Sound Blaster, Creative CMS / GameBlaster, Disney Soundsource, and MPU-401.
Emulating network: Simulation of the modem over TCP / IP and IPX network support, allowing them to be playing DOS games via the Internet. Windows versions support direct access to serial port.
Contains its own internal command line of DOS-style, as it is not intended to be a full PC emulator Bochs.
Selfrunning Images: In addition to its command line internal DOSBox also offers the ability to run image files of games and software were designed to boot without any OS.

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