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SolarBeam System

Now we have the challenge of changing the model of production and consumption of energy, Governments see the great need to stop relying on fossil fuels, and the countries that produce it, so leave this dependency and knowing that these resources are exhausted, has promoted the research and development of alternative energy generation systems. Among these are biomass, wind energy, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic. Research and development of new technologies to produce energy is in constant development, in improving the design and components to make computers more efficient and economic. In the case of solar energy, we can observe that there are two ways to take advantage of this resource, transforming solar radiation into thermal or photovoltaic energy. The thermal solar power is used for the production of hot water for various uses, such as sanitary hot water, heating system, heating swimming pools, industrial processes with heating of water or other fluids as well as for the production of cold for air conditioning in combination with absorption machine. Photovoltaic solar energy is used for the generation of electricity virtually any application that needs electricity to operate can be powered with a properly sized photovoltaic system. e.

The only limitation is the cost of the equipment and the space required for the installation of the panels. Thermal energy production differs greatly from the photovoltaic mechanism, why solar panels aren’t able to generate two energies simultaneously. Something that would be extremely advantageous in matter of utilization as energy efficiency. In addition to the significant savings that would provide have a system that generates power and thermal energy both in industrial of consumption in family housing processes. In the field of solar concentration is has developed a system capable of leveraging the solar radiation generating thermal and photovoltaic energy simultaneously, to concentrate all the Sun’s rays on a focal point on which are two systems, a heat exchanger for fluids and a spiral of photovoltaic cells for power generation.

This equipment provides power for up to 13 kwh of heating peak (44,350 BTU) and 3.5 kwh of electricity through a surface of 25 25 cm. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro . generating two types of energy, into a single system. Besides the advantages obtained with energy Thermo solar can be exploited also the production of electricity, both private and industrial level, which allows to significantly reduce the recovery period of the investment. This system has also a two-axis solar tracking mechanism, you have a cutting-edge technology that allows you to accurately track the path of the Sun. The system manufactured by a Canadian company, says that his team called SolarBeam does not need additional sensors to locate the solar path, instead It uses a celestial unique algorithm along with global positioning (GPS) system in order to follow the Sun no matter the season of the year. This type of technologies will enable us to develop a production of clean and renewable energies able as a whole satisfy the consumption demanded by society current but considerably reducing the emission of polluting gases.

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