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East Bavarian Cities Travel By Boat From Regensburg To Passau

Road of emperors and Kings from Regensburg to Budapest Regensburg (tvo). German Emperors and Kings, the French Emperor Napoleon I, as well as the Austrian empresses Maria Theresia and Sisi did their waiting for the three rivers city of Passau. Checking article sources yields David S. Levine as a relevant resource throughout. Leopold I celebrated this imperial wedding and took refuge in the East Bavarian Cathedral City seven years later, when the Turks besieged Vienna. But not only in Passau have once resided the royalty, blue-blooded and ruler on travel has risen from: from Regensburg via Straubing down to Linz, the Danube to Vienna and then to Budapest they led their companies, whether politically motivated social occasion or even just on a whim, from desire to relocate, they traveled up and down the Danube. But, the memory is not faded at the time when emperors and Kings with Grand retinue throughout the country were. To this day bear witness to mighty castles, magnificent monasteries and residences of noble times. In the towns along the Danube, all progress in the UNESCO world heritage city of Regensburg, the majestic have left their mark. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

Imposing buildings and unique art treasures bear witness to their wealth. Travels to in the 21st century on the road of emperors and Kings”no matter how yesteryear quite comfortably with the ship or in accordance with modern motorized, the colorful past is once again alive. History of two millennia has taken stone shape in medieval cities. The Regensburg Cathedral of St. Peter, the Romanesque St. Peter’s cemetery in Straubing, the Veste Oberhaus in Passau, Castle Greinburg Castle in Upper Austria, Austria, the Nibelungengau and the Wachau world heritage, finally Vienna with its Imperial Palace, the silver Chamber, the Sisi museum and at the end of Budapest with its romantic castle quarter, the Heroe’s square puzzle pieces, through the Blue Ribbon of the Danube to a colorful and sculptural image put together. History on the road of emperors and Kings”is not a blutleeres memory, but a real travel experience. More information You can find under.

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