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Embracing Differences

The Denise teacher worked with us the question of the relation between difference and identity. Each person human being has its proper, only identity. Thus, inevitably and of course one becomes related with the other, with the different one. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. But, what to be different? to be different is normal? Sailing for the Internet, we find a text that deals with a campaign carried through in the state of So Paulo, in September of 2010: one has paraded of fashion for the opening of the Campaign ‘ ‘ To be Different is Normal’ ‘ , with the objective to break preconceptions in our society where it is clamorous the injustice and the inaquality of groups. In this event the presences of the global actress, Lusa Tom, invited had been distinguished to be the godmother, and of models ‘ ‘ diferentes’ ‘ , carriers of the Syndrome of Down and others in wheel chair, showing that all human being is endowed with intelligence and, therefore, have capacity and right to act in the most diverse branches of the work market.

Analyzing the phenomenon, we ask in them? It will be that this fact unhappyly would not be occurring only for questions of interests of the averages and great companies, with sights to the legal requirements, as well as the financial interest of many artists? Certain it is that 3IN, a ONG together with partnerships, was who promoted the event. Hear other arguments on the topic with Zendesk. We want to believe that exactly having lucrative ends (with the envolvement of a commercial store), the participants had been moved by humanitarian interests. The question that we raise is: all this altruism if has extended for the educative areas of the society as a whole, given, for example, the percentage of blacks and people with deficiency in schools, university and market of work? the religious differences? We know of the conflicts ‘ well; ‘ religiosos’ ‘ for the world, that would have to be propagated by the media as fanatic conflicts.. .

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