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Do the work for them, highlighting the most important points and above all keeping content of value. Your customers you thing do they will appreciate and trust you because they know you don’t do them wasting time 3 decides how generate content yourself you will be he that doeth the work of information, research, writing and distribution of your content or are you going to hire someone to do it? Before determining the volume and frequency you have to make an estimate of what you want to deliver. Don’t forget to keep in mind that whatever programes for you or your team, without a doubt will require more time than you think; especially at the beginning. Begin to generate content has a learning curve so be prepared for that extra time you need until you get a routine. According to statistics this year, most of the Networkers kept its presence in Internet spending 6 hours a week, including research and production, that is an average that we should try to achieve. Is not a question of devoting 10 minutes or 5 hours a day: we have that focus on productivity. Viacom understands that this is vital information. 4 Create your Plan now is time to create your plan. You can use different methods to help you build your content strategy:-mind maps for a better development of your ideas.

If you have topics that you want to deepen, mind maps will help you develop a plan about your idea, also help you to plan the development of your content. You can download the tool for free at: Freemind – Editorial Calendar is the best tool to save time. In the you can write your content by date and topic to be treated. This will help give a quick look at your schedule and what part of your theme you want to deliver specific day or week. Use an editorial calendar will help you to have clarity and focus your content at a scheduled time. It is a great tool that you can develop with this Google – key words worksheet: you can Add keywords to your calendar to find out what that you must include in your specific subject content, using the google tool: Google adwords keytool is very known or useful. -Creating content: Ideally schedule you the days and the topics that you’re going to write.

For example: Monday: social media; Wednesday: Marketing; Friday: Productivity, etc. You can also schedule a day to write funny articles or personal stories. Don’t forget to leave a space to share news of other blogs in your niche and/or articles of guests. -Equally important are the videos, they will help you reach your followers who are not so fond of reading sector. If you have your account open on Youtube, use it! 5. Quality is better that amount to have a presence in social media, not you have to post every day. You yourself have to find the frequency with which you feel comfortable and working without pressure. But don’t forget that the most important thing is the quality. If you can maintain a high level of quality, this will be much more relevant than the frequency of your posts. It seems hard work, truth? It may at first be it but over time you’ll see that this becomes an automated process where most importantly will always be your ability to absorb new information and create valuable content from it.

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