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The third moment is marked by the concern with the learning process and for the interdisciplinaridade, a search of alternatives exists to try to reorganize knowing, giving possibility to the pupil to have an integral education. However it is the moment where the necessary professor of a support of the coordination or, even though, the direction. It is the moment where it needs a pedagogical project of the School, in order to work together. ' ' The attitude to interdisciplinar is not in the junction of contents, nor in the junction of methods; much less in the junction of you discipline, nor in the creation of new contents products of these functions; the attitude to interdisciplinar is contained in the people who think the educative project. Any disciplines, and not specifically the didactics or period of training, can be the articuladora of a new to make and a new to think the formation of educador.' ' (FARM, 1993:64) It is the moment where the professor starts to use other technologies, but, although its look for is of the school, still he continues imprisoned it. Softwares of authorship is very worked, as well as the Internet. However, still of the informative point of view, it participates of some colaborativos projects; however it searchs almost always to work the pertaining to school content.

HEINECK considers: ' ' The educators have that to be capable to articulate the knowledge so that all he starts to be organized, and thus initiate it overcoming of the disciplinarizao, of to know distant tax and of the reality lived for educating. One practical to interdisciplinar, certainly will contribute for the forging of conscientious citizens of its duties and capable to fight for its rights with dignidade.' ' The room moment is marked by the transcendncia beyond the walls of the school, school-quarter, school-city, school-school and school-world. It is the moment of the exchange, the communication and communitarian participation.

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